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Author Name: Alfiana

Married to my beloved uncle

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Author Name: Alfiana

"Don't worry, Archiena. I will marry you." ~ Kaivan Arsangga Diando.


Right on her wedding day, Archiena had to swallow a bitter pill. Her lover, or future husband, was proven to have been cheating on her biological sister for years.

Archiena's feelings were crushed by the two people she trusted most in her life, even though she had no hesitation whatsoever in canceling the wedding.

However, because her family's good name is at stake here, Archiena is forced to marry her lover's uncle, who also sacrificed for his family.

So what will Archiena and Kaivan's lives be like, will this compulsion turn into happiness or even suffering?

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Married to my beloved uncle
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