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Author Name: Natalïa Dïaz

Loving You Is Not a Sin

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Author Name: Natalïa Dïaz

In life there are two types of people: those who tell their story and those who keep it quiet. We all treasure our privacy in some way or another, whether by pleasure or necessity; In some way or another we all have something to tell or hide. Jasper Cooper is an attractive and hard-working man, but he has several flaws; The most marked are his perfectionism and his seriousness when speaking and acting. Jasper is a conscientious man, he usually only speaks what is necessary and nothing more, but everything changes when he hires Nichole; a hardworking and independent girl who starts working as his assistant. Nichole and Jasper will become very close and that will often lead to misunderstandings between her, him and those close to her. Due to this great union between them, Nichole will discover why Jasper has such a hermetic personality and she will have to choose between supporting him with everything or turning her back on him and leaving him alone. They say that there is nothing hidden that does not come to light and Jasper's past will be no exception.

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Loving You Is Not a Sin
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