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Author Name: R Torres


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Author Name: R Torres

(HURMAYA Collection)
Majic was the eldest daughter of King Carpio, a ruthless and arrogant man, who was relegated to live in oblivion for being the daughter of the monarch's first wife who had committed treason. Forced to sign a peace agreement, King Carpio had to offer a daughter in marriage to King Fortem, a great enemy; to buy time and with a hidden purpose that has been concealed for many years within the Magic Community to which they all belong, he brought Majic out from the darkest tower of the palace. Now, she is compelled to marry a man who despises her for being the daughter of his greatest foe. Will the new life of the FORGOTTEN princess also be a hell, or the path to her liberation? Perhaps, everything is just the road leading to her destiny 💙.

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