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Author Name: Swati Thakur

Ceo's Obsessed With Me!

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Author Name: Swati Thakur

He is the youngest and richest CEO in the United States. While she is an assistant director for a publishing company.
Nobody has ever denied him, not even once, while she keeps on refusing.

Love and relationships are all fake for her. It's for mere entertainment purposes.

"Then, let's spend a night together, I'll give you hundred thousand dollars "he gives her an offer.
"Ten dollars !" she looks straight into his eyes.
"what! do you think your worth is only that much ?!" he passes a shocked look.
" No, YOUR worth is only that much .....I'll give you ten dollars... to leave me !"

Is she just his obsession or its the beginning of true love.

[unedited version]

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Ceo's Obsessed With Me!
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