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Author Name: W-Rodriguez

Become My Wife Again

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Author Name: W-Rodriguez

Lorena Menz, a prominent 18-year-old girl from the United States, is sent to Italy by her parents to live with the De Santis family and study pediatrics. There, she meets Ricardo De Santis, for whom she felt an adolescent love.

Yet Ricardo, wooed by the seductive allure of decadence and ensnared by the charms of a model, looks at her with a dismissive arrogance. Seeing nothing more than the daughter of a family friend, he treats her with an indifferent aloofness that is as bruising as it is puzzling.

However, fate has a peculiar sense of humor. The very dashing Ricardo's life takes an unexpected twist. His model girlfriend abandons him, and a three-year Belgian sojourn beckons him. With his once secure world now shaken, Ricardo finds himself drawn towards Lorena, proposing marriage in his hour of despair.

For Lorena, this twist is more than just an amusing turn of events - it's a chance for redemption. A chance to witness the priceless expression on Ricardo's face when he realizes how profoundly she has transformed. But amidst the sweet revenge and the adolescent love, she recognizes the potential costs. She is marrying an arrogant man, set in his ways — a marriage that comes with challenges, a love that might bear a heavy cross.

Thus begins a riveting tale of love, revenge and transformation, a tale electrified with passion and fraught with challenges—a glimpse into a dramatic romance.

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Become My Wife Again
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