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Author Name: Tamara Gallo

Meeting My Husband

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Author Name: Tamara Gallo

Valentina Roth is a successful model and businesswoman, she lives in a sphere of glittering indulgence. Engaged to the controversial Fabián for three years and against the advice of her friends, she's still eager to walk down the aisle. However, an unexpected twist threatens to topple her dreams.

"Valentina, your wedding with Fabian can't occur. Not when you're already a wife." With those bewildering words, Valentina's lawyer thrust a marriage certificate into her hands. Reading the unfamiliar name - Danilo Miller, one of the most influential figures in the business world - she is left dumbfounded.

Danilo Miller, an oil tycoon, is caught in a family-initiated engangement with Susan Wilson, a woman chasing power and wealth. He is disinterested in this bride-to-be. Instead, he harbors a clandestine truth - he is unknowingly already a husband.

Intricately woven with strands of love, deceit, and secrets, follow Valentina, Danilo, Fabian, and Susan as they carve their paths through a sea of treachery and passion. They face hidden truths and must fight for their desires.

Will Valentina uncover the truth and pilot her life towards the right course? Can Danilo untangle himself from the chains he didn't choose? Or will they all descend into a chasm filled with lies and deceit?

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Meeting My Husband
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