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Author Name: Susana Jiménez Alcázar

I'm Not a Simple Omega

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Author Name: Susana Jiménez Alcázar

I am an OMEGA .... but one with money and a good family but still, an Omega at the end of the day.

To help you understand, I'll explain the life led by the unfortunate and wretched Omegas.

Alphas are the leaders of the packs, followed by the Beta and Delta - the second and third to the Alpha. After that, the warriors, and lastly, the Omegas.

We Omegas are viewed as sexual toys for the pack's warriors simply because we don't have a specific function. Therefore, until they find their mates, they believe they have the right to dominate us whenever they please. Since we can't refuse the request of a superior, they take advantage of that.

I am upset about this fact and even more so, that the pack's Alpha turns a blind eye, and the supreme Alpha does nothing.

In two weeks, I turn 18 and a few days after that, I will have my first mating heat. My father is planning to hide me for three days so no one will be able to approach me.

I am scared, I can't deny that. I don't want a forced relationship, nor do I plan to preserve myself for my mate. In fact, if I don't find him, it's all the better for me.

But .....if I'm going to have sex, it's because I want to, because my body craves it, because I chose who with, and not because my mating instinct forces me, and much less because of these idiotic wolves who think they own the Omegas.

NovelToon got authorization from Susana Jiménez Alcázar to publish this work, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of NovelToon.

I'm Not a Simple Omega
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