Author Name:Ice-Princess❄️

Dominating Ceo's Cold Wife


Author: Ice-Princess❄️

Dominating Ceo's Cold Wife
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[Status: Completed] Her first Life was a disaster and her second life is even more complicated when he walks in and claims her as his wife! The same rebirth story. She gets betrayed by the love of her life and her stepsister who ends up being her half-sister. This is what she believed happened to her. What happens when everything she believed in her last life ends up being the complete opposite of her present?  This rebirth story takes a turn that nobody could expect! Two lifetimes merged into one? Really? And of course, there is a childish and possessive CEO after her that is claiming her his wife! "Hey just because we were married in our past life doesn't mean I'm your wife! I can't even remember anything!" She claimed. Her revenge was set to happen but this time there are new players involved and new mysteries to unfold, especially when love is involved. After meeting her for the first time he was completely ignored. She is interesting and he is INTERESTED. Her mysterious aura completely caught his heart off guard.
This story is on the process of being re-written (edited) chapters aren’t really edited.

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hala oi!



sue Yang

oh thefl i adopted from the Ross family that disappeared and kira is not dead.







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