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Author Name: Aline Silva

Destined To The Alpha

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Author Name: Aline Silva

Could the gods undo a misunderstanding without punishment?

Cassandra Baumer is the precious daughter of Alpha Baumer and betrothed to the son of the neighboring tribe, Zedekiah Vasile. Raised to be an excellent wife and moon of the pack, Cassandra's dreams are shattered when, upon turning fifteen, her engagement to Zed is broken.

Three years have passed, life has broken her in several ways. Is it possible for Cassandra to ignore all the problems and live with Zedekiah, or would the gods be kind enough to send a guardian angel in her direction to free her from the suffering her life has turned into?

Emir Balan, the son and alpha of the rival tribe, with a burning desire for revenge; would he be Cassandra's liberating angel or just a new jailer for the young girl?

Only the gods can know whom Cassandra Baumer is truly destined.

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Destined To The Alpha
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