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Author Name: Mommy_Ar

Chasing Uncle Duda's Love

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Author Name: Mommy_Ar

It is recommended that you read the first novel first, entitled "Forced to Marry a Maid" so you can relate more and know the story line 🥳 . . Since Dimas helped her when she was almost harassed by thugs, Chaca immediately fell in love with him at first sight. Plus, when she found out that Dimas was her best friend's brother-in-law and the father of a little prince who was very adorable to Chaca. Chaca Aninditha, who had never felt a mother's love since childhood, felt pity and sadness when she found out that Aiden, Dimas' son, also had a fate almost like his. And that makes it even more motivation to continue to make Dimas love her. Come on, follow Chaca's story of pursuing Uncle Duda's love...

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Chasing Uncle Duda's Love
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