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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

A Luna Alfa

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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

The little she-wolf had just been born when her pack was attacked. Her entire family was killed, but her loud cry was her salvation. One of the guards of the attacking pack decided to take her to his mate who had given birth to a stillborn. She was raised as a daughter and no one knew her true origin.

Mistreated by the alpha's son, she grew up suffering, until the day of her transformation came. She hid and when her wolf came out, howled loudly to the moon, and her mate heard, hunted and marked her, but when he saw who she was, he abandoned her sleeping, by the river.

The next day, her parents looked for her, but she had disappeared and the scent of the renegades was everywhere. Henrique freaked out, where was his Luna?

Luana woke up and didn't understand where she was, but those who surrounded her, revered her and she felt at home.

But what place was this and where was her mate?

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A Luna Alfa
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