War with Qi kingdom

Yichang thought awhile and called out " ye zhu". A person entered the camp and bowed to him, "ye zhu, I want you to purchase small bundles of dried grass and few small buckets which can carry oil without leak. How about rations and arrows supply?" Ye zhu replied, " General, we have sufficient amount of arrows and rations. They would last for three months." Yichang said, " oh, you may leave."

Before the war started, he instructed his subordinates what they should after he passed out the instructions. Yichang saw a few archers and few people riding horses with swords in their hands. After they heard the sound of gong. He stood at jiankang city wall and ordered his men " attack." A few shots travelled to both sides. Yichang said, " start fire arrows."

His men immediately took small grass bundles and threw them in the air and when it is near by to qi army, these grass bundles were shot by fire arrow. As grass burnt, it fell on them and killed qi kingdom army who were near by. The Qi kingdom army is still in a daze and trying to escape from fire. Yichang ordered his men, "send the oil buckets filled with wood."

His men took oil buckets and placed them on the rope way when it moves nearer to qi army. They shoot it with fire arrows and the tin caught fire and burned. Then the bucket cracked and the hot oil spilled on them along with burnt wood pieces. Their skin got burnt. Chen kingdom soldiers saw this scene and they are shocked.

They knew that if their general leads an army then the success rate is higher. However, they did not see his methods were this cruel. No wonder he is called as " cruel monster" for his strict training and strategies, which makes others, show their fear on their faces.

Yichang saw the fire was settled a bit, he ordered his men, " defend the wall. I am going down" He sat on his horse and pulled its rein and remembered how his parents were killed. His face showed an expression of anger, he unsheathed his sword, and he rides his horse and his men followed him from behind, and they moved forward. He shouted, " open the gates." He killed the enemies as if a lunatic thirsty for blood. At the end of the day, he can only see corpses around him.

He went back to his camp took a bath, then he spoke with ye zhu, "how many qi kingdom men were dead?" Ye zhu said , " general, around 16,000." Yichang asked, " How are our men, and how is their treatment going on?" Ye zhu said, " A few died and few got injured with minor cuts. Our doctors are treating them." Yichang said to him, " Defend the wall and take care of injured person's."

After continuous war for seven days yichang fought with general Lin, and he is a martial god and it is easy for him to kill him. He stabbed him in his stomach. After the death of general Lin, he wiped out remaining qi soldiers. He went to his camp and said, " Hai cang, tomorrow we will start moving towards Luoyang city." He wrote a letter to yizhen, " little Zhen, I have killed general Lin and I am heading towards Luoyang city tomorrow. Take care." After ten days he captured all the villages and moved from Luoyang city towards ye city.

Qi kingdom palace:

Emperor heard the news about general Lin and shouted on his minister's, " You people are useless you can't even devise a strategy. How to protect ye city." Ministers were panicked they knew yichang is stronger than before and familiar with this landscape. Whatever they do it cannot help now.

Emperor face turned red with anger, he threw a few reports on the ministers, and shouted, "leave all of you." Empress gao shuang heard the news from her spies, she packed her clothes and valuables in a cloth bag. She said, " If I stay here, I will be killed with this useless emperor who don't even know how to protect his kingdom." She left through a secret passage.

Imperial guards bent down and told, " your majesty, the general of Chen kingdom has reached the border of ye city. Let's leave from the palace." Emperor asked the head guard, " where is the empress?" Last night empress has left the palace through a secret passage. Emperor is shocked. He left with imperial guards.

After an hour, Yichang reached to the palace. He went inside the palace and searched, but he did not find them. Therefore, he bought a robe of the emperor and said to ye zhu, " Show it to xue and search them, once you have found them report to me. I want to torture him before his death." Ye zhu and Hai cang left. Ye zhu went and showed the robe to a white dog and said, " xue, track it." They followed it.

Yichang ordered his men, "kill all of them from the royal family and their servants."After two hours in an open land with grass. Hai cang saw the emperor and imperial guards escaping. He rushed to kill them. He killed imperial guards and tied the emperor with a rope. Ye zhu sent a message to Yichang about their whereabouts.

When yichang arrived he mocked at the emperor by seeing him, " Do you know how it would be to be alone. Where is your beloved empress. You know right how she left you. Due to your lack of trust, you have killed my aunt and tried to kill your own daughter. For being loyal to you, what you did is you have slaughtered my whole family. You have felt that my military power might be a threat to you. So, you have dug your own grave ."

Emperor trembled and said, " Don't kill me, I will give you whatever you want." Yichang laughed at him, " why is only yours is life, and remaining others are not human beings. I want your life. Give it to me. I will show you what pain is?" Yichang said, " Father and mother, I am avenging for your death." He took his horse rein, ride it towards the emperor, and made the horse kick him twice. He saw emperor threw up some blood after he got kicked by the horse. Then he got down, unsheathed his sword, and stabbed in his heart. Emperor coughed blood and fell on the ground.


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