Arc 1 - Marie the Lonely - Will You Love Me?

Right now...

At this moment...

Eleanora had broken a barrier that she failed to accomplish in her past life...

Something she would have accomplished if she just tried a bit harder. The feeling was heavenly, and it made her heart content, as she was finally able to provide a small piece of love with the child.

Her hands rubbed Marie's back gently while she sobbed, and on the side of the bed, the first princess looked furiously confused.

"Marie!! Get off of that peasant now!"

The girl then climbed into bed in an attempt to pull her sister away


Marie continued to hold onto Eleanora tightly, her tiny arms were wrapped around the lady strongly

["I am not a tug a war toy!!!"] ε-(>o<)

The first princess finally succeeded and pulled her sister away


The two ladies hit the wooden floor, it made a loud horrendous sound.

Eleanora quickly got out of bed ready to assist the two girls

"Are you alright?!"

Marie Paule rubbed her head as her tears stopped from the sudden happening

The first Princess couldn't understand why her sister would do such a thing? She didn't even know this woman that long! Her eyes glared at the lady who was now on the floor with them.

Eleanora reached to examine Marie's forehead for any potential wounds, the first Princess could hear the heavy steps of guards outside. "Perfect," she thought to herself not hiding the apparent wicked smile.

The woman in front of her stared at the Princess, startling her "W-What is it?!" she spoke with a stutter. First Princess Elise wasn't afraid of the lady, but unsure of what she had up her sleeves of tricks. The woman stared and looked back at her sister.

Marie-Paule was always off to herself, she never communicated with Elise or any of her sisters. The only person she would speak with would be the eldest prince, he enjoyed her company. Marie didn't even try to appease the Emperor anymore, they became so distant since he didn't find her any interesting.

So Elise was terribly confused, jealous, and unsure of how her younger sister could attach herself to someone who was just one of their father's wives.


The doors to the room busted open! Making a loud startling noise, it alerted everyone in the room immediately. Elise bit her lip unsure of what she should do right now, Eleanora brushed the messy hair out of Marie's face, the look in the woman's eyes as she stared at the girl had an apparent look like they were prepared for death.

"First Princess, are you okay? Would you like us to detain this woman?" One of the guards asked ready to hassle Eleanora out the room roughly.

Elise stared at Marie who seems as if she was going to cry again, then she looked at Eleanora who was standing up ready for fate to do her good.

["This woman is just another one of my father's lowly wives, so why should I care! I don't want Marie to be influenced by some woman who just wants to use her"]

Elise stood up and dusted the dust off her dress "Yes, take this woman away from our sights..." She said proudly, and the guards nodded hurriedly going over to detain the woman, Marie-Paule quickly got to her feet and glared at her sister, desperate to know why she would do that!

Elise continued to watch the guards pulling Eleanora roughly out the room, she felt guilt in her heart, but she trusted her judgment.

Marie-Paule stood there watching painfully as they took Eleanora away not saying a word. Marie was the youngest out of the children, her sister's authority reigned over hers. Maire was the least favorite out of the children, so there's also that..No matter how much she begged the guards not to do it, Elise's command would always follow through.

They closed the door lightly and there the two girls remain. Maire could still hear them roughly dragging Eleanora down the hall for every one of those nosey maids to see. Her eyes fell dark and dim, she then turned her head back to her sister once more.

"Why do you all hate me?" Marie asked with such deep hurt and expressionless eyes.

Elise stared at her sister with no remorse "Marie what are you talking about? I love you-"

"LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!!!" Marie pushed her sister roughly, she started to hit on the girl "Maire!! Stop it!!" She grabbed the young girls hands as she started to cry "Why did you take her away from me..."

Her words then came out as a faint whisper, her hands stopped moving.

"She was going to trick you! I'm pretty sure she only got closer to you so she could rise in the ranks!"

Marie-Paule shook her head "Eleanora wouldn't do that...she wouldn't hurt me, but you hurt me like everyone else" Marie pulled away from her grip, and she stood there for a moment unsure what to do, then she turned around so her back would face her sister and she started to walk slowly making her way to the door.

Elise started to feel guilty, as she watched her youngest sister walk out of the room quiet and sad.


[" Here I am..

With bruises on both of my arms...nice

Looks like fate is not on my side, but at this point, I've died, so why be afraid to die again?]

Eleanora was in a grimy, wet, old cell, she was chained to the wall with cuffs around her hands.

Her eyes started to lose life, purity, and happiness, but it wasn't like she had it before, its always been like this. The Royals would take away anything just because of jealousy, and today the first princess removed her because she was jealous

[" This is a silly reason to chain me up to a wall, but the guards are just as ruthless and I should have expected that.."]

Eleanora didn't even get a chance to read the books his Majesty had requested her to read, now here she was wasting time.

She was getting tired, drowsy, and hungry. Her mouth started to water at the thought of food and desserts. However, her mind seemed to drift off to the memory of the orange the youngest Princess peeled for her, even though it ended up smashed against an oak tree.

Eleanora was happy that she could have one more happy memory before dying if she did die soon, this would continue to keep her at peace.

*click* *clack* *click* *clack*

The woman could hear the sound of small heels against the prison floor, it came closer...

And closer...

Until finally, she could see the little white heals in front of her jail cell, her green eyes traced up from the floor and upon the face of another one of his Majestys children.

[" The third princess...Veronica..why is she here?"]

The girl looked nervous as she held a paper in her hands shaking uncontrollably

"M-My Sister fold!... I mean told me t-to..t-to tell you that...umm" She tried to read the note but her hands wouldn't stop shaking, her anxiety was off the charts. The prison cell frightened her the most and here she was ordered by her sister to read this note, and what made it worse was that the lady was staring at her so attentively.

"Take a deep breath.." Eleanora said while staring at the girl

Veronica's lips started to quiver, but she listened to the woman "O-Okay..."

She took in a deep breath and exhaled, taking another one in, she exhaled again.

"Thank you...ahem! My sister has told me that you'll be summoned to see her the guards will come to release you soon!"



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