Stella tong(lover of jacob)
what the hell do you mean that he is busy *furious*
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
I want to see him immediately and I am going there andon one can stop me to see him now*yelled*
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
receptionist: miss Tong please don't force us to throw you out from here and please respectively leave*detest*
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
how dare you an inornate receptionist talk to me like this you have any idea who the hell I am!!🤬🤬
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
and who the f*** give you the right to throw me out from here and insult me like this😡...
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
I will tell Jacob to fire you from the job just wait you bitch 😡 *furious*
receptionist : assistant Ron already said that president is busy right now so he can't see you at instant please kindly wait in waiting area or just leave from here don't create a fuss it's working hours
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
You (boiling in anger)
seeing her acting like this all people present there start to whispering about her and yesterday's incident but their voice were hearable...
PEOPLE: how can someone be so shameless like at this level
PEOPLE: who does she think she is!! f***ing plastic face B**ch...
PEOPLE :after yesterday's expose still she had this kind of attitude that she is a queen of some where...
PEOPLE :what can we expect from these kind of people they always think that "they are only and only Above one person in the whole world and thinks that we all are Beneath them" special part of this we can see a perfect example standing in front of us *said in a disgusting tone*
Stella tong(lover of jacob)
how dare you say that about me.... just wait all of you I'll make each and every person present here to pay for what they said about me😡😡😡.... then I will see how can you hold your jobs in your hand after this and I will tell Jacob to fire each and every person present here and make you all to bag for my forgiveness me *yelled + Furious*
Stella tong(lover of jacob)


not going to happen



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