Chapter 33

What situation was this?

Why did she feel that she had entered the supermarket and bumped into a clearance sale?

But the one on sale for clearance was actually the top young bachelor of City H—this felt like a fantasy!

Nian Xiaomu stared awkwardly at the old lady standing right in front of her and did not dare reply to her at all…

“Grandma, Nian Xiaomu is the nurse caring for Xiao Liuliu. You will scare her like this,” Yu Yuehan replied with ease—he seemed to be used to hearing stuff like this.

His parents had passed away when he was young, so he was raised single-handedly by his grandmother.

Matriarch Yu, however, was famous for being an old imp. She was nearly 70 years old, but still behaved like a child.

Especially on the topic of his marriage—she seemed to be very eager to send him away, which caused major headaches for Yu Yuehan.

“So, your name is Nian Xiaomu?” Matriarch Yu held Nian Xiaomu’s hand, her smile becoming even more amiable after she heard Yu Yuehan.

“Don’t be afraid, Grandma doesn’t bite.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

“Grandma, Xiao Liuliu is hungry. Are you sure you want to stop us from eating first?” asked Yu Yuehan. He kindly spoke up after noticing that the dazed Nian Xiaomu had been unable to respond for quite a while. Such action was a rarity for him.

Matriarch Yu finally shifted her gaze away from Nian Xiaomu after he finished his sentence.

She rolled her eyes at him.

“All you did was answer me half-heartedly. If you had put in the effort to find yourself a partner a long time ago, would I be so anxious right now?” The more Matriarch Yu talked about it, the more stifled she felt. She turned her back and sat down.

“Look, it has been two years. Xiao Liuliu’s mother…”

“Grandma!” Yu Yuehan spoke sharply, his voice sinking.

It seemed to be taboo to talk about the person mentioned just now.


Matriarch Yu glanced at the confused Xiao Liuliu. Realizing that she had crossed the line, she cleared her throat.

“Let’s eat first. I will lecture you later!”

This was the first time Nian Xiaomu met other members of the Yu Family apart from Yu Yuehan and Xiao Liuliu. This was also the first time Xiao Liuliu’s mother was mentioned.

The woman who seemed to have never existed…

When she recovered from her daze, she realized that the scene was slightly awkward.

Everyone was seated except for her.

Furthermore, the most important thing was that an elder had appeared at the dining table. She was the matriarch in charge of the household.

Would the elderly be more stringent regarding the rules and object to her sharing the same table as them?

“Xiao Mumu, why are you still frozen over there. Hurry, sit down and eat.” Matriarch Yu seemed to see through Nian Xiaomu’s hesitation. She reached out and pulled her to the seat.

Before Nian Xiaomu could react in time, the Matriarch had filled her bowl with food.

And exhorted her like an elder.

“Eat more and do not follow the current trend of dieting, just like the youngsters.”

“… Thank you, Matriarch.” Nian Xiaomu held her bowl. Apart from surprise, a sense of warmth filled her heart.

“No problem, take your time to eat. We shall discuss the wedding after your meal!” Matriarch Yu added with a benevolent face.

“Cough…” Nian Xiaomu choked on her food.

Holding the cup beside her, she took a big gulp of water and stared at the elder before her, completely stunned.

Could this be the end?

Yu Yuehan did not even try to stop it…

No, no, she should not think too much into this and treat it as coaxing from the elderly.

Eat, eat!

Nian Xiaomu lowered her head and dug into her bowl of rice immediately; she couldn’t wait to forget everything that had happened just now.

She did not notice that a gaze began peering deeply into her right when she first lowered her head. He was staring at her, his eyes probing.

Was she terrified of marrying him?





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