Chapter 29

Fang Zhenyi grabbed ahold of the hems of Yu Yuehan’s trousers and spoke with a tearful voice.

She entered the Yu villa with great difficulty, so she could not leave just like this…

“If you had the ability to take good care of Xiao Liuliu, you would not have ignored her injuries and soaked the medicine box!” Yu Yuehan shook her off with force. He glanced at the trousers which she had grabbed earlier with a look of revulsion, as if it was infected by something dirty.

He narrowed his icy cold eyes as a dangerous look flashed past.

If Xiao Liuliu had had any mishaps because of her, did she think that she would still be here?!

“Young Master Han, I was provoked by Nian Xiaomu to the extent of becoming obsessive. I will never do it again. Please give me one more chance…” Fang Zhenyi wiped the tears off her face, crawled to him, and looked at him intently. Her stakes were all in this one gamble.

“As long as Young Master Han allows me to stay, I am willing to do anything!”

If she was really fired by the Yu Family because of this disgraceful reason, no one would ever hire her in the future.

Her career in this industry would end thoroughly.

Needless to say, she had also offended Young Master Han, the most respected man in the entirety of City H…

At the thought of this, Fang Zhenyi shivered uncontrollably.

“…” Yu Yuehan blinked slightly. The rays of light from his eyes were so deep that no one could fathom him.

After a long while, he opened his mouth slowly.

“You only have one last chance.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Zhenyi turned wild with joy in an instant and nodded profusely.

“Thank you Young Master Han, rest assured that I will take care of Little Miss wholeheartedly…”

Yu Yuehan’s slender body rose from his seat slowly, his eyes still icy cold.

Hearing her words was akin to listening to a joke.

“Did you still think that I would allow you to continue to take care of my daughter?”

“…” Fang Zhenyi was struck dumb. She looked at him blankly, not understanding him.

“I can allow you to stay in the Yu villa, but remember this, you are not allowed to go near Xiao Liuliu from today onward and you are not allowed to interfere with anything related to Xiao Liuliu. Do you understand?!” Yu Yuehan mouthed the instructions slowly, word by word, with narrowed eyes.

His tone was enough to halt any other opinions on this matter without even raising his voice.

“Yes!” Fang Zhenyi did not dare to talk back. Soon, she lifted her head in confusion and asked, “Then what is my job?”

The Yu Family would never hire an idle person.

If she was completely useless, why would Young Master Han allow her to stay?

“The butler will tell you what to do.” Yu Yuehan closed his eyes, motioning that she could take her leave.

“…” Fang Zhenyi wanted to continue asking questions, but stopped when she met his look of warning.

The assistant came in only after her shadow disappeared from the door.

“Young Master, you obviously suspect Fang Zhenyi, so why did you still allow her to stay?” the assistant asked, worried and puzzled.

Yu Yuehan moved his slender fingers, and the pen in his hand met the documents before him.

He lifted his eyelids lightly with curved lips. Was he smiling or not?

“She is not the only one with an issue in this villa.”

“…” The assistant was astonished, but soon responded swiftly.

Young Master was trying to let the both of them keep a close watch and control each other. He wanted to see who would be the first to lose her cool and expose herself!

“Anything else?” Yu Yuehan asked indifferently.

The assistant finally came back to his senses and reported hurriedly, “Young Master, Nian Xiaomu is awake. She is alone in the master bedroom… Her actions are slightly weird…”

Looking at his assistant, it seemed to be hard for him to explain in a few words.

Yu Yuehan: “…”

He stood up from the chair, and headed right to the master bedroom on the second level.





I knew it🙄





why not chase her out of the house?? is it just to test FL?



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