Chapter 26

Only the three of them were in the room.

Yu Yuehan and Xiao Liuliu were sound asleep. She was also exhausted because of all the work she had done throughout the entire day.

Yet, when she saw the man on the bed, she forced herself to gather up her energy immediately.

She could not let herself fall asleep.

She could not let herself fall asleep no matter what!

The next second, she couldn’t help but glance at that unfathomably good looking face.

When his eyes were closed, he did not seem to be covered so much in that icy cold aura—the one that rejected people from miles away—but rather warmth.

That handsome face with distinct edges and corners; every corner of it was like a meticulously crafted piece of art.

It was Nian Xiaomu’s first time looking at him at such close range. As she looked on, she was sucked into it…

When she realized her actions, she immediately sent a slap to her forehead.

And cursed silently.

Why was she acting like a love-struck fool at this crucial point in time?

Even if Yu Yuehan was a heavenly cup of tea, he would not be her cup of tea!

If she drank it accidentally, she might choke to death!

She definitely could not sleep in the bed now, but she could not stand the whole night either.

As Nian Xiaomu searched the room, her gaze landed directly on the sofa beside the bed. Her eyes lit up!

She carefully shifted away Xiao Liuliu’s hand, which was holding on to her shirt. Certain that the little girl was still sound asleep, she turned and headed toward the sofa.

She grabbed a bolster and positioned herself.

This position was just enough for her to look at Xiao Liuliu.

After an entire night of ordeals, white rays of light were already penetrating lightly through the windows. Nian Xiaomu was so exhausted that she fell into a deep sleep the moment her eyes closed.

Soon, the still room was filled with the well-distributed sounds of snoring.

In this quiet and harmonious atmosphere, the man who seemed to be asleep opened his eyes.

The next second, a slender shadow sat up on the bed.

Supporting himself on his bent knees, he tilted his head. His eyes were crystal clear, with no signs of the sleepiness one would have right after waking up.

Staring with a burning gaze at Nian Xiaomu, who was fast asleep on the sofa, inquiry filled his eyes…

His assistant’s reminder flashed past his mind repeatedly.

Even the people around him were aware that someone with an unknown background should not stay in the Yu villa.

He had already fired her, but contrary to what was expected, she was back in the Yu Family’s employ in less than one night.

Yu Yuehan withdrew his gaze, strolled to the sofa, and stared at her peaceful sleeping face with lowered eyelids.

Her eyebrows were knitted even when she was asleep. He couldn’t help wanting to reach out and smooth them…

“Nian Xiaomu, who exactly are you?” Yu Yuehan muttered faintly.

“Hmm…” Nian Xiaomu seemed to hear him. As she turned over, she appeared to be on the verge of falling off the sofa.

Yu Yuehan instinctively reached out and held her falling body.

As he heaved a sigh of relief, he realized that something was amiss.

In his palms were two soft and round balls; he couldn’t seem to ignore the feeling in his hands…

Yu Yuehan froze.

Even though he had not touched any women in his life, he knew exactly what he had touched.

Before he had time to release to his grip, the person in his arms seemed to be freezing cold; she nudged toward his arms the moment she encountered warmth.

Yu Yuehan, who carried an almost emotionless face most of the time, exposed a crack in his expression at this point in time.

Immediately, he threw Nian Xiaomu back onto the bed.

Looking at the woman who was sleeping like a log, the lights behind his eyes turned complicated.

With wrinkled eyebrows, he walked up to her when he caught a glimpse of her shivering.

As he was about to cover her with a blanket, she turned over all of a sudden and started to sleep-talk in her dreams.

“I will survive…”

When he heard that, Yu Yuehan rudely stopped his actions, leaving his arms dangling in the air.

And faintly narrowed his eyes!










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