Chapter 24

Yu Family villa.

The moment the car pulled over, Nian Xiaomu took the lead, pushed open the car door, and proceeded to run straight in.

The bodyguards along the way tried to stop her, but upon noticing the expressionless Yu Yuehan tagging behind her, they made way for them silently.

The whole journey back was unimpeded.

The moment Nian Xiaomu got up the stairs, she saw Fang Zhenyi at the door with a face full of resentment.

Fang Zhenyi never would have thought that person whom she took great pains to chase away would be invited back in less than one night.

And it was Yu Yuehan who fetched her back personally…

“Nian Xiaomu, don’t be too gleeful yet!”

“…” Nian Xiaomu was worried about Xiao Liuliu initially and did not wanted to deal with Fang Zhenyi, but she stopped in her tracks when she heard what Fang Zhenyi said.

She cast her a glance out of the corner of her eye.

“What do you think would happen if I requested for Yu Yuehan to chase you away before I agreed to take care of Xiao Liuliu? Do you think he would agree to it?”

“How dare you!” Fang Zhenyi’s face turned pale, and a streak of panic flashed past her eyes.

Xiao Liuliu had a prolonged high fever and insisted that Nian Xiaomu take care of her.

What if she really…

“I would advise you to stop what you are doing. Otherwise, I will make sure that you will leave the Yu villa earlier than I do!” Nian Xiaomu left a sentence of warning, walked past the flabbergasted Fang Zhenyi, and headed into the room directly.

The room was absolutely silent.

There was only one doctor by Xiao Liuliu’s side.

He was in a flustered state because Xiao Liuliu was unwilling to take her medicine.

“Who are you… Nian Xiaomu?” Yu Yuehan entered the room as the doctor finished his sentence.

He raised his hands slightly, motioning for him to cooperate.

Without any delays, Nian Xiaomu headed straight to the bedside. Just when she wanted to reach out and feel her forehead, she realized that Xiao Liuliu was sleep-talking.

As she leaned forward and listened, she was finally aware that Xiao Liuliu was calling for her.

“Pretty Sister…”

Nian Xiaomu was astonished.

It was as if a pair of small hands was strangling her heart so badly that she couldn’t breathe.

She lifted up the tiny human on the bed.

“Xiao Liuliu, be obedient, sister is here. Open your eyes and look at me,” Nian Xiaomu cooed before looking up at the doctor. “Where is the fever medicine?”

The doctor went forward to help her immediately after he came to his senses.

Xiao Liuliu’s face was flushed red because of the fever.

Upset, she pouted her lips when she woke up. She rubbed her eyes with her pale, tiny, and tender clenched fist.

The next second, her eyes blinked repeatedly when she recognized the person who stood in front of her.

She stared fixedly at Nian Xiaomu with her mouth closed and refused to speak, fearing that she had the wrong person.

“Xiao Liuliu, I am Pretty Sister. I am here to see you.”

Upon hearing her voice, the little girl finally believed that it wasn’t a dream and jumped into her embrace with her soft and tiny body. With a “wah,” she loudly burst out crying.

She hugged Nian Xiaomu tightly together with her arms and legs.

She feared that Nian Xiaomu would disappear yet again.

Those in the room could not help but watch them with red-rimmed eyes.

“Pretty Sister, don’t go…”

“Okay, I won’t leave. You have a fever, so eat the medicine first,” Nian Xiaomu endured the heartache and coaxed the little girl in her arms lightly.

“You are not leaving even after I eat the medicine, righty right?”

“Yes, I’m not leaving.” Nian Xiaomu nodded her head without hesitation.

Xiao Liuliu finally released her grip when she received confirmation.

She sat in Nian Xiaomu’s arms obediently and allowed Nian Xiaomu to feed her the medicine.

And she stuck a fever sticker on…

After a series of actions, her fever finally subsided.

Yu Yuehan’s slender figure stood at the side all this time.

Xiao Liuliu laid in Nian Xiaomu’s arms and fell asleep with ease and without fidgeting.

This was his first time seeing Xiao Liuliu eat her medicine obediently without a temper.

His gaze towards Nian Xiaomu turned complicated…

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