Chapter 19

In the late hours, it was still brightly lit at the Yu Villa.

The family doctor had rushed to the house to check on Xiao Liuliu’s condition.

“Little Miss got too emotional and had bawled for a long time. There is a bit of infection in her wound, but I have changed her dressing for her. It’s just that she’s burning up with a fever, but refuses to take any medicine. We need to think of ways to bring down her temperature,” the doctor got up from the side of the bed and explained the situation with a grim expression on his face.

“I will feed her.” At the doctor’s words, Yu Yuehan reached to take the medicine and scooped Xiao Liuliu up from the bed.

The little girl felt her head burning with discomfort and woke up in a daze.

“Xiao Liuliu, you’re sick. Take your medicine.” Yu Yuehan patiently coaxed her.

“Don’t want to take medicine…Want Pretty Sister…” She pouted her little mouth and looked at Yu Yuehan. At the thought of losing her Pretty Sister, she felt so miserable that she wanted to cry.

“…” Burning up like this, yet she still missed Nian Xiaomu?

What did Nian Xiaomu do to bewitch her like this?!

“You take this medicine first. When your fever subsides, we will talk about it again.” Yu Yuehan looked at her little face that was turning redder by the minute. His eyes could not hide the worry he felt, and his tone softened.

“Hate bad Daddi! No Pretty Sister, not taking medicine…” Xiao Liuliu sniffled a few times and pushed him away with her little hand. Her soft and squishy body then slipped away from him, and she tucked herself into the blanket.

She turned over and refused to take another look at him.

Yu Yuehan: “…”

This time she was really angry.

Her tiny body curled up in the blanket like an injured cub licking its own wounds.

It would make the heart of anyone ache to see her like this and be unable to do anything about it.

“Master Han, there are still open wounds on Little Miss’ body, so she has to take this medicine!” the doctor anxiously reminded him from the side.

“Do you think I don’t want her to take it?” Yu Yuehan’s voice hardened.

This was his little princess. He would feel worse than anyone else watching her suffer like this.

Yet, he knew his own daughter best.

Xiao Liuliu was flawless, but the one bad habit she would not change was that she refused to take medicine whenever she fell sick.

Previously, when the others could not get her to cooperate, Xiao Liuliu would obediently listen to Yu Yuehan when she saw him.

However, she was currently upset with him for chasing away Nian Xiaomu, so even he could not do anything about it.

Was this the feeling of being neglected by his own little princess?

He finally had a taste of it.

“Master Han, why not let me give it a try?” Fang Zhenyi had been standing and waiting at the door. When she saw that Yu Yuehan might give in to Xiao Liuliu, she suddenly spoke up.

It had not been easy to chase Nian Xiaomu away. She was definitely not going to give her a chance to return.

Currently, no one had any way of getting Xiao Liuliu to take her medicine. If Fang Zhenyi could make Xiao Liuliu do it, not only would she eliminate all chances of Nian Xiaomu coming back, Yu Yuehan would also look at her favorably!

Just thinking about it filled her with excitement!

She could almost picture the grand future ahead of her…

“You?” Yu Yuehan heard her voice and only now recalled that she was around.

He swept a glance at the person standing at the door.

Hearing him speak, Fang Zhenyi quickly nodded. “Yes, I’ve looked after several children previously and I’ve got a way with them. Perhaps I could persuade Little Miss to take her medicine.”

“Master Han, we could give it a try. It is best that Little Miss takes her medicine as soon as possible!” the doctor reminded him.

“…” Yu Yuehan stared at Fang Zhenyi with his deep, dark eyes. It was impossible to read what was on his mind.

He did not say yes or no.

Sensing his noncommittal stance, Fang Zhenyi was eager to prove herself and went forward, taking his silence as permission.

“Xiao Liuliu, I am Sister Fang. We have met…”

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