Chapter 6

A pair of deep and dark eyes, a high nose bridge, and thin, sexy lips that curled upward into an ambiguous smile.

He was dressed in a simple white shirt and black pants. Looking young and full of drive, his whole disposition was refined and imposing.

A perfect face that would never be forgotten by anyone who laid their eyes on it…

Nian Xiaomu froze in shock!

Watching the man saunter in toward her direction, her eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets!

Her eyes had really not played tricks on her just now…

It was really that man who didn’t apologize when he bumped into her and who even stolen her first kiss!

This couldn’t be! Why would he appear here?

“Young Master!” The butler’s respectful greeting was like a bolt of lightning that struck right into Nian Xiaomu’s head!

Y, Young Master…

He was Yu Yuehan?

The big boss whom she was interviewing with?!

Nian Xiaomu recalled the “conflict” between them and shrank her tiny body into the crowd, wishing that she would vanish into thin air.

How could she pass the interview after the run-in that she had with the big boss?

If she had known, she would have grabbed her cake yesterday and made a run for it before he could even look closely at her.

Otherwise, she could also have appeared to be unaffected and nonchalantly waved it off by saying, “I wasn’t looking properly, so I deserved to be bumped into. Please, after you…”

Nian Xiaomu had a billion regrets in her heart now!!

Tan Bengbeng had already issued a death order to her. If she did not pass the interview, she could forget about leading a peaceful life in the coming month.

For now, she could only hope that Yu Yuehan was just passing by and hadn’t noticed her at all.

That’s right, he was the distinguished chairman of the Yu Corporation; why would he be bothered about a minute matter like the recruitment of a nurse? He must only be passing by!

Nian Xiaomu muttered a silent prayer. With her mouth agape, she stared at the man who was walking toward the hall of the villa.

Just when she thought that Yu Yuehan was about to go inside, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at the butler.

“What are these people doing?”

“Young Master, they are here to interview for the job of Little Miss’ nurse,” the butler reported reverently.

The nurse who would look after his little princess?

Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes and turned back just when he was just about to reach the hall’s doorway.

His thin, sexy lips parted as he said, “Have you selected any yet?”

“There are two who are not bad. One is called Fang Zhenyi, and the other is Nian Xiaomu. Their academic results and experience levels are on par. Young Master, why don’t you decide on one of them?” The butler handed the resumes to him and pointed at the two girls as he spoke.

When Fang Zhenyi heard her name, she immediately squeezed her way to the front, raising her head and arching her back so that Yu Yuehan would not miss her.

When Yu Yuehan’s gaze turned toward her, there was a pronounced chorus of envious sighs among the people.

This was Young Master Han, the most handsome and exalted man in City H.

To be able to show your face before him would already make this trip all worthwhile!

Nian Xiaomu looked at Yu Yuehan who had almost left, but turned around. In that instant, her heart sank to rock bottom.

Then, when she heard that the butler had requested for Yu Yuehan to pick between Fang Zhenyi and herself, she felt her hopes turn into ashes.

The best solution now was for her to hide her face as carefully as possible. This might still give her a 50 percent chance of getting the job.

At the thought of this, not only did Nian Xiaomu not step forward, she hid behind the others instead and thought of various ways to avoid eye contact with him.

“Nian Xiaomu? Nian Xiaomu?” The butler called out again anxiously when there was no response

“Young Master wants to see you. Why are you standing there dreaming? Come over quickly!”

“…” Nian Xiaomu was still thinking of hiding, but the people standing in front of her had already stepped aside to make way for her when the butler spoke.

When she came back to her senses and looked up, a pair of deep and dark eyes was staring coldly at her!


Hey ther guys!

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I already like this story very much!💙 It really doesn't look like it's your first time writing , author 😃








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