Chapter 4

Nian Xiaomu had her eyes on the back of the man who was leaving and called out to him.

Hearing that, Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks.

Yet, he didn’t stay and simply walked off.

“Miss, let me apologize to you. In addition, this is my business card. In case you change your mind regarding compensation, you may contact me.” The assistant shoved a business card into her hand and quickly turned to catch up with his boss.

When they got to the operating room, a light indicated the operation was still in progress.

“Young Master, your shirt is torn. Would you like to change into a new set?” the assistant cautiously asked as he pointed at the shirt with its buttons popped-open.

He had known his boss for so many years, but this was the first time he saw him in such a sorry state.

The shirt’s button had fallen off, the shirt was creased, and his pants were stained with butter cream…

Thinking about the woman that had dared to demand an apology from Yu Yuehan, the assistant broke out into a cold sweat.

“There’s no need,” Yu Yuehan replied coldly, his eyes fixated on the operating room.

Shortly after, the operating light switched off.

“The child is out of danger, but the anesthesia hasn’t worn off. She will probably have to sleep it off,” the doctor took off his surgical mask and announced the good news happily.

“I have to say, this child is really blessed. There was actually not enough Type B blood in our hospital, but thankfully, there was a kind soul who donated a lot of blood to her. That’s why she managed to survive.”

The furrows between Yu Yuehan’s eyebrows deepened after the doctor’s words. He turned his head and looked at his assistant.

That donor was the savior of his daughter’s life…

The assistant understood his intention and rushed over to the phlebotomy room.

However, he ran back very quickly and reported, “Young Master, the nurse said that the person had just left.”

“…” Just left?

Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered, and just as he was about to say something, he saw the little one being wheeled out of the operating room. He took a step forward immediately.

Nian Xiaomu stood rooted to the ground and only snapped out of her daze after a while.

She took a glance at the business card in her hand, her cheeks puffed up in rage. Just as she was about to dump the business card into the waste bin, she thought about it and stuffed it into her bag instead.

Then, she turned and went into the elevator.

When she reached an office room, she pushed opened the door and entered it directly, putting the most pathetic expression on her face.

“Hey darling, I’m so sorry, but your birthday cake was destroyed. However, I can give myself in marriage to you…” Before Nian Xiaomu could finish what she had to say, an application form came flying at her.

She instinctively reached out and grabbed it.

“What is this?”

“I’ve picked out a job for you. The detailed requirements are all written on it. Do you have any questions regarding the interview tomorrow?” A bespectacled young lady looked up from her work desk and pouted at her.

Tan Bengbeng was her best friend and her biggest creditor.

In recent years, Tan Bengbeng not only gave up her entire fortune, she also racked up a stack of debts for Nian Xiaomu’s sake.

The thing that Nian Xiaomu wanted to do most right now was to make money in order to repay her debts.

“No problem.” Nian Xiaomu kept the application properly, then said with a sparkle in her eyes, “Then about your birthday cake…”

“Didn’t someone just say that she would offer herself instead?”

“I suddenly remembered, the person who destroyed your cake left his business card for you to contact him. Regarding the pledge of marriage, he would be a more suitable candidate.” Nian Xiaomu dug out the business card and smacked it onto the desk.

She leaned over, gave Tan Bengbeng a peck on her cheek, and said, “Hey darling, I’ll go prepare for my interview now. Happy birthday!”

Then, she darted out of the room!





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