Chapter 3

The process of the blood transfusion was very fast.

The nurse conducted a check-up and drew the blood.

She withdrew the needle and instructed, “Miss Nian, after donating blood, it is best to take a short rest before you leave.”

“Is that child fine now? May I go and see her?” Nian Xiaomu asked worriedly as she pressed down on the cotton ball on her arm.

“This… might require the permission of the patient’s family.” The nurse held her tongue and looked uneasily at Nian Xiaomu.

She did not know much and only heard that this was no ordinary child. Not long after she had entered the operating room, a bunch of bodyguards had already assembled outside the operating room.

“By the way, this is yours Miss Nian.” The nurse placed the cake onto the table.

Looking at the cake in front of her, a flash of light flickered in Nian Xiaomu’s mind.

Oh no! How could she have forgotten what she was here for!

Nian Xiaomu stood up from her seat and massaged the temples of her head to soothe her giddiness. Then, she picked up the cake and ran out of the room.

Rushing out of the phlebotomy room, and just as she was about to enter the elevator, a tall and broad figure suddenly appeared from around the corner. Caught off-guard, he bumped into her!

“Ah—” Nian Xiaomu was knocked off balance and stumbled backward, slipping underneath her feet.

Instinctively, she reached forward to hold on to whatever she could and ended up grabbing at the other person’s clothes.

“Rip!” The sound of a garment tearing reached her ears. She caught a glimpse of that stoic look in his eyes and crumpled to the ground.

Before she could even yelp for help, the man’s lips had pressed against hers…

The unfamiliar breath that landed on her face was filled with an intense testosterone charge… and a whiff of peppermint scent.

Her first kiss… was taken?

Nian Xiaomu’s mind went blank.

Never in Yu Yuehan’s mind had he expected that such an accident would occur on his way to see his daughter. His frosty expression grew darker as he stood up hurriedly.

Without hesitation, he wiped his fingers across his thin lips. A look of repulsion hung on his face.

That formidable aura suppressed the entire surroundings.

“Young Master, are you okay?” The flustered assistant could not process the scene that had unfolded before him.

It was widely known that his master would never go near women. Yet now, a woman had popped out of nowhere and even kissed his boss.

“…” Nian Xiaomu recovered from her stupor upon hearing this voice.

Hey mister, she was the one who got knocked down here, so why would your master be injured?

It was she who was hurt…

Nian Xiaomu used her hands to steady her giddy head. In shock, she realized belatedly that her hands were empty!

She turned her head and looked to the side. Her cake had rolled onto the floor, and the butter cream was smeared everywhere.

“My cake!” Nian Xiaomu felt a sharp ache in her heart and scrambled to her feet to pick up the cake.

The cake was already unrecognizably smashed inside the box, and all that could be seen were layers of greasy crumbs.

When she looked up again, the person who had bumped into her was attempting to walk away!

“Hey sir, wait a moment!” Nian Xiaomu left her cake as it was and rushed up angrily to stop him from leaving.

If he hadn’t suddenly crashed into her, she wouldn’t have tripped, yet he was just leaving without a word at all.

When she saw the man’s face clearly, Nian Xiaomu was slightly stunned.

Handsome… The word “handsome” could not adequately describe how good looking he was.

However, the aura of this person was too cold, as if he had emerged from an ice chamber.

When his eyes landed briefly on her, she could feel goosebumps rising on her skin.

The next second, she saw his eyes narrow as he walked right past her.

“Excuse me miss, our young master is pressed for time. How much compensation do you need? I can discuss it with you…” The assistant noticed that the expression on his boss’s face was not right and quickly stepped in to explain.

From the time he heard that his daughter had been in a car accident, Yu Yuehan had maniacally rushed to the hospital. Yet now, he was waylaid by a stranger before he could even check on his child.

The assistant was really afraid that his boss would kill someone!

“I don’t want money. I want him to apologize to me!”





is he blind? when did she kiss him intentionally??



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