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Author Name: Ilana Patrícia

The Mad Wife of the Tyrant

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Author Name: Ilana Patrícia

As the unrecognized daughter of the Northern King, I've never felt a bond with my father or any kin of his line. To them, I've always been merely a tool, fit for political alliance or to be sold off for coin.

One day, out of the blue, I was dragged in front of my estranged father.

"Good news, my dear daughter. Your husband has been chosen." The King, my supposed father, uttered with misty eyes.

"Um... you realize this is our first meeting, don't you, 'dad'?" I needed not to ask why he suddenly showed interest in me; I was certain I was about to be auctioned off to some rich lord. Those watery eyes must have been from joy at the money he'd reap from selling his illegitimate daughter.

"Be glad, my child! The offer comes from Emperor Ícaro Brown himself!" The King exclaimed with a smile.

Emperor Ícaro Brown? The most savage emperor to ever live?

Even within the confines of the castle, word of the tyrant emperor had reached me. People are always discussing how many people he killed, or how many kindom he has destroyed. I believe that everyone in the empire, at this moment, is taking a bet on how long the new empress will survive in the hands of that tyrant.

Knowing I was destined to be sold off was bad enough. However, I'd much rather be shipped off to some charming northern duke than this heartless monster.

Yet, despite my fear, I was pushed into a carriage set for the empire. Well, if I am destined to die anyway, I might as well make some waves before I breathe my last. I will make a name for myself as the unhinged queen, the perfect match for a brutal emperor.

However... after I made some crazy actions, the emperor embraced me instead of chopping off my head?

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The Mad Wife of the Tyrant
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