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Author Name: marcilene lima

The Alpha And The One Rejected By Him

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Author Name: marcilene lima

The Northern pack is one of the largest in the world, and Derik is a cold and calculating alpha who doesn't like to mix with weaker wolves, making it difficult for anyone to approach him.

It's very important for an alpha to find his own mate within the pack. Derik has researched many of the pack's females, but none of them satisfied him. The ones he approached only did so for pleasure and he would never consider them as mates.

Sara is 16 years old and her mother, Luana, will introduce her at the alpha party, just like other young girls who will be presented by their families, something Sara doesn't like at all. She is pulled to a corner after having a drink, which draws Derik's attention.

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The Alpha And The One Rejected By Him
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