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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

The Abandoned Alpha

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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

The huntress stalks her prey. From her vantage point, she can see clearly, and her experience allows her to anticipate each movement and... the arrow struck the first target, silent as a whisper, now four remain. Easy pickings for her, but after taking down the five hunters, just as she was about to collect the spoils, she heard the sound of those terrifying wolves.

The huntress ran, for now, she was the hunted. Damned beasts! She did the work and they would take the prize, but they wouldn’t get away with it so easily, there’s nothing like the day after another. She would continue hunting and protecting the reserve. This was her territory and no one would dare to hunt there without permission. Not even that foolish Alpha.

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The Abandoned Alpha
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