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Author Name: Malu Eufrasio

Sold to the Mafioso

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Author Name: Malu Eufrasio

Amanda, a young lady of eighteen who leads a humble life, earns her living by working in a nightclub while residing with her brother.

One day, she came back home to find two heavily-armed goons stationed outside their residence. Inside, she found her brother bound to a chair, being brutalized by a hefty man.

One more man, impeccably dressed, was leisurely occupying their worn-out sofa in the living room, observing everything unfold.

___Girl, your brother's life is in your hands.
___Your brother handed you over to me to settle a gigantic debt he owes from one of my casinos.

Since that day, Amanda's life took a drastic turn.

What would be her fate under the clutches of this man, revered as the most fearsome and ruthless person in Italy?

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Sold to the Mafioso
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