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Rejected1: Fall For The Rise

Rejection Accepted

Our eyes met the moment I entered the party, a surge of heat taking over as a hollow void formed in my stomach.

'Other Half'

'I know' I whispered to my wolf.

Taking notice of me everyone turned from whomever they were talking to congratulate me.

"Thank you," I said in return with a nod and a smile.

We kept eye contact as he moved backward slowly exiting the party hall. I followed him, my heart pounding and nerves tightening.

This is it, the moment of decision after years of contemplation.

He came to a stop in the darkened hallway of Alpha quarters knowing no one was around, his back turned to me and I was edging to see his face, to know what he is thinking.

"I, Kyle Evans reject you, Andrew Clauss as my mate."

And suddenly everything came to a still, the heart, the nerves, everything.

The pain erupted making me stumble back a few steps, it made me gasp as the air seem to shorten around me.

I looked at him with my vision blurring his head turned to sideways slightly.

"Why am I not surprised? Something's never change,

Rejection Accepted. I, Andrew Clauss accept your rejection."

A boom that's what it sounded like to me and I knew that our fates have been sealed.

Kyle staggered from where he was standing taking the support of the wall the effects of rejection taking a pull on him too. But he had made sure I wouldn't be the one giving him support, turning around I decided to leave already having the present for my birthday.

But he needs to know that I am not weak, not anymore.

"And Kyle..." he turned slightly to look at me "I want to thank you for rejecting me first because if you haven't done it then I would have. I wouldn't want someone like you as my mate. You are worthless and I hope you know that." He growled at my words and took a threatening step towards me even though he was clearly in pain.

I smirked at him before turning and leaving our birthday party. His birthday was a couple of days earlier but we have always celebrated it together or at least used to. I started walking out of the packhouse with heavy and loud footsteps, the tears becoming too much to hold back threatening to spill out.

People were blocking me to congratulate or looking weird at my supposedly red face.

As soon as I stepped out of the building in the darkness of the night it became too much for me to hold back the tears.

I drove all the way back to my house with blurry vision, doing my best to avoid a car crash. I swerved my car around the other cars on the road. The drivers were yelling profanities at me but my mind was replaying the same scene and words from earlier.

Why did he do that? I'm his mate for god's sake and he's an alpha, he should feel the pain most so then why? Was I not good for him? Was I not enough? Why'd he rejected me when we meant the whole world to each other?

Aside from all personal reasons, he needs me for his pack. In my absence, his pack will become weak and more vulnerable. Didn't he think all about that?

Parking my car in the driveway of my house I wiped the tears. Getting out of the car I locked it up before trudging up to my main porch of a dark and silent house. I live alone though I wouldn't be if my mate had accepted me. My parents died in a car accident when I was a kid. The Alpha took me in and treated me like his own child and that's how I began to know Kyle more.

We never got along in the beginning as total opposites. He was a serious, introvert guy and has a good sense of humor there I was more of a social butterfly with a big social life, of course, it changed as we grew up. It was a silent agreement but we both decided to not cross paths and stay away from each other, at least at school. It wasn't until quite later when we began our friendship.

Walking into the house I was met with dead silence as some images of me with my parents played in front of my eyes. They are not very clear since I was fairly young and some are just my wishful thinking but they are my only support here aside from my human relatives who live in California. They're all nice and are from my mom's side, my mum was a human too but when she was mated to my father and came to live in a pack with her family's permission he turned her into one of us. The primary reason was the fear of me turning out human, so they did not want to take any chances.

I walked to the kitchen and threw my key on the counter as I left for the side bathroom near the stairs.

Opening the door I walked to the basin and splashed some cold water on my face to wake me up from the nightmare that just happened. But when I looked up at the mirror I was struck hard with the reality of the situation. In front of me was the same face I saw this morning, the same hair, same eyes, same lips but the only difference was that the shine of my eyes and the gleam of my face that I had already lost some time ago was worsened by a dull sick look.

The bitterness in my eyes increased as more tears came flowing out. My mind is a blur of pain and disbelief that I am a rejected wolf now, his rejected. The pain was always there and it was mine only till now but today it has increased so much that even my wolf is quite and suffering.

I closed my eyes as I imagined him in my mind.

'Hey! Gracia, aren't you gonna say something about this?' I gave a slightly bitter chuckle at that. He always had something to say about everything but I guess this is serious enough to shut him up.

The only answer I got from him is a painful low whine.

'I understand bud.' I imagined myself caressing him slowly.

I genuinely have no idea what he is feeling right now. There is a difference in the mating bond with humans and our wolf partners. Despite the situation, our wolves are bound and readily accept their mates but that's not the case with our human forms. Having control of our feelings and our conscious we decide who to choose. Simply us humans are not bound as much by the mating bond as our wolves. Fortunately, In most cases, the human and wolf's destined partner is the same but sometimes they don't, though these cases are rare.

Both of our wolves are going through the worst because of us their human partners but there's nothing I could do about it. He rejected me first, he had the chance to undo his mistakes but he lost this one too and surely he is going to pay for it.

As an alpha wolf, his wolf is more powerful than other wolves and has gotten more control over him than he does. If his wolf decided to go rogue or kill himself then he could do nothing about it. However, where being a rogue is terrible, the dying of a wolf is worst. Especially for an Alpha because when his wolf dies as his mate so will eventually mine. We'll both become regular humans and will probably be banished from the pack to live simple human lives. 

Then again it's never as simple for these humans are basically dead bodies. Without our destined mates and wolf partners we are nothing more than zombies, a body without a soul and often are relieved of their painful lives.

These thoughts scare me to my core. I have to do something. I can't let my wolf die at any cost. He is the only one left to me. My only companion and life support. I can't let anything happen to him but since I am rejected I really don't know what to do.

Sighing and feeling defeated from all sides I turned off the tap and walked out of the bathroom shutting the door behind me. Walking to my room which was my parent's room before, I looked at the door next to it when an idea clicked to me.

My dad's library, of course, my dad had a thing for collecting books that are rare and old about our species history and details I am sure he must be having some book explaining this situation. I stepped up the stairs to the attic where all my dad's office things are kept including his huge collection of supernatural-related books.

'Maybe, maybe I can save you, Gracia'

[A/N]: I hope you all will like this new book. I know it starts usual but trusts me, people, it is going to be something absolutely new. Or maybe you don't like the ending too but give it a try you might like it.

Tough Decisions

Opening the attic door the dust tickled my nose making me sneeze. I switched on the tiny bulb lighting up the whole place.

My eyes roamed the entire room as I tried to remember where the books were kept. I walked towards where dad's office chair was and looking behind it I found five labeled huge carton boxes filled with books.

Sitting on my knees, I started opening them one by one. The first box contained all his office books and files, second contained Romance novels and third...

Aha!! Books about werewolves, carrying the box on my waist, I turned off the light and closed the door as I walked downstairs to the living room.

Setting the box on the floor, I started looking through all the books about werewolves. There were books written about topics that I'd either never heard about or didn't dare to think of.

And at last, I finally found the book I was looking for.

'Werewolves and their Mates'

I placed the other books back in the box and pushed it aside. Sitting comfortably on the sofa, I opened the book and searched the Index for the chapter on mate rejection. Flipping through the pages I came upon the chapter titled Mate rejection.

Going through the lines I found nothing new. I knew all these things already. Still going through the chapter I ended up on the last page where a small line in bold caught my attention.

'Breaking The Bond'

'When a wolf rejects his mate, especially in the case of alpha, to protect their wolves from dying both wolves can break the bond between them thus freeing each other. However, this doesn't always end in a nice way. There are some side effects like even after the process the wolves could die or maybe go into permanent hibernation. And...'


And what, ****, the page was torn. What else was there? I flip through more pages and chapters for the next hour but found nothing related to it.

Slumping back in my seat I began to think of what I could do? It's the only way I can save Gracia but there are chances that he still may... I don't even want to say the fucking word.

'You should do it.'

My eyes opened wide at that but I closed them immediately and concentrated on him.

'Are you sure, Gracia, it can have alternate effects too. I am ready to carry the pain all my life but I can't lose you at any cost.' A slow smile spread on his wolf face.

'And neither do I but I can't endure this pain, Andrew. It just too much, it hurts too much. I prefer dying than living without my mate.' He gave a low whimper and held his head down as a teardrop fell from his eyes.

'Don't cry Gracia, please. How would I survive if you become weak? You're the source of my power, the only reason I am living, please don't cry.

I'll find the best person for it, nothing will happen to you, Gracia. I promise.'

He nodded his head once then blocked me. If only I could feel his pain, share it with him; console him in some way possible.

I slowly opened my eyes and a tired sigh escaped my lips. My body was aching to be in bed but my heart was wailing from the thought of being alone all my life. It was in pain because of all my dreams being crushed. I always thought that when I will find my mate, he or she will be perfect. They'd be the ones who would love me for me and not the imaginary person they created in their mind. They'll understand me and be with me all my life. Not just behind me supporting me but beside me holding my hand in theirs with a vow to never leave it.

Such sweet thoughts of mine got washed up in the bitter reality of the world. Listening to my body's plea I trotted up the stairs with a rough idea for upcoming days. I know what I'm going to do tomorrow is going to change my life forever but whether for good or bad is the question.

But if it is the only way to save Gracia, then it doesn't matter.


The next morning I awoke with a smile on my face, golden rays of sun illuminating everything around with a beautiful glow and all that happened yesterday forgotten for a brief moment in time. However, It only lasted a few seconds before reality came crashing down on me. 

A sinking feeling hit me. My eyes again pricked with tears but I shook my head and jumped out of the bed running towards my bathroom. Taking a cold shower helps, sometimes.

Having no appetite at all I decided to head directly to the packhouse the starting point of our journey, mine and Kyle's. Entering my car I closed my eyes and focused on Gracia.

'Gracia, I am going to do it. Are you sure about this?'

'I've never been more sure about anything else.' his reply was resonating with pride but you can hear the sadness and weakness behind it.

I nodded to myself and started the car as I began to drive to the packhouse. Gracia and I have a lot in common never showing our weakness and the constant will to live another day are a few of many. Last night scenes were rolling in front of my eyes every detail putting itself again and again how he was standing directly in line sight of the front door as if his mind was already made up and he was just waiting for me and why wouldn't it be he had two days to decide after all. Kyle's birthday was two days before me and so he had all the time to figure out who is his mate and what affect his decision will have on the pack. I am kept wondering if he has told the Alpha yet or lie to him but when I entered the driveway of the packhouse I was woken up from my daydream by the alpha himself. He was standing out my window knocking.

I looked at him and got out of the car as he put his hand on my shoulder smiling.

"What happened son you were sitting in that car for some time?" Alpha asked with a concerned voice. Alpha Clark is the epitome of what you may call a responsible and great father. He is still quite young and sometimes acts like a teenager but when you have a problem and need help Alpha Clark is always there for everyone. The pack and pack duties come first for him even if he has to sacrifice his own something.

I shook my head smiling slightly "Nothing Alpha just remembering the last night."

He made an 'o' face before grinning at me "Seems like you enjoyed yesterday though I don't remember seeing you much except when you entered the party. Oh btw, Happy Birthday soldier, you're a fully grown were-man now." He grinned at me. I smiled a little at him.

"Thank you Alpha and yeah I wasn't feeling well after few drinks so I left early."

He nodded "So what you brought you here this early in the morning?" He asked while walking to the packhouse and nodding in greeting to the people walking by.

"The thing is... I want to talk about something important with you," I said with a serious tone.

His brows furrowed at my tone but he nodded his smile still there only lower.

We started walking to his office but as soon as I stepped my foot into the house I was hit with an overwhelming smell of him. It was everywhere and so strong now there were no hormonal sweating teenagers and stuff smelling like three-day-old garbage.

I felt Gracia stirring at that but I mentally forced him to lie down again. Trying to control my senses which were overloaded with the smell, I increased my pace.

It is either today or never.

Breaking The Bond

Entering the office, the Alpha walked to his office chair as I sat down in front of him.

He settled in his chair and gave me a look saying 'yes, start talking.'

As soon as I opened my mouth the phone on his desk started ringing.

He raised a finger at me asking me to excuse him, at which I nodded.

He picked up the phone and started talking to a guy, from what I could hear. Not to seem nosy I looked the other way when my eyes fell on the cards lying on the table. I picked them up out of curiosity but not even a second later I wished I that I never did.

They were Invitation cards.

Marriage Invitation cards and for the last person that I could've imagined. It was for Kyle.

Kyle, My mate who rejected me last night is marrying someone the very next morning.

My whole body freezes at this point. My heart stopped beating and it felt like I died at that very same moment. My mouth fell open and no expression came out on my face. I was disturbed by a low thud as the Alpha laid his phone down and my eyes rose to meet his.

He looked at me and the card in my hand. His once non-existent smile grew bigger.

"So you looked at them. Isn't that great? Kyle found his mate yesterday and after the very hour, he called me for the marriage. I told him that there's no need to be in a hurry but he was very intent on marrying as soon as possible." I looked at him with the same neutral expression and looked down at the card again to see the name of the one my mate is marrying.

Alia Lockwood.

Lockwood?? My eyes rose to him again as I whispered Lockwood.

He beamed at me " Yes, Lockwood. You know the alpha daughter of our neighbouring pack?"

The Lockwood pack is a small pack just like us.

I slowly put the card back on his desk as I tried my hardest to hold back the tears...

It would be better to get stabbed by a silver dagger than to witness this.

But then what else could I expect from someone like him.

"So, what did you want to talk about? " Alpha asked me.

"I found my mate last night," I whispered to him straightforwardly but due to his werewolf hearing, he heard it quite clear.

The smile on his face became twice its size, "Who's the lucky Girl ?"

I hesitated for a minute studying his face and deciding whether to tell him or not.

At last, I decided on the former.

"It's a male." A minute of silence and blank face but Shock sketched across his face at my words and0t soon it turned back to normal.

"Well, then who's the lucky guy?" I felt a slight irritation in his words.

"Why do you think he'll be lucky?" I asked him.

A questioning face appeared but soon changed to a confident smile.

"Because you're the best mate one can get. You're perfect in every way Andrew. Whoever your mate is they'll be the happiest person alive."

A choke escaped my lips and slowly tears started escaping my eyes and I wasn't able to hold them back.

"Hey, what happened Andrew? Why are you crying, son?" He came to my side and held me tightly to his chest but I kept crying. I just couldn't hold back anymore.

After my parent's died at a very young age he was my only family here.

After half an hour of me crying and him calming me I finally came into a state to speak.

"My mate rejected me." I finally said the words.

Alpha immediately stood up rage covering his features.

"Who the **** is he?" His voice roared in the room.

"Name him Andrew and I'll find out how he could've rejected you" I shook my head.

"No... Noo...Alpha. I don't want to bother him, If he doesn't want me then it's fine. I won't push him."

"But.. but Andrew..."

I cut him off. "No Alpha, don't please. I didn't come here for this. I came here for another other reason. I ...I want to break the mating bond between us."

As soon as those words left my mouth, a sharp stinging pain came flooding my senses as my head jerked to the side from the force of the slap.

"Do you even know what you are talking about??? Have you lost your fuckin' mind, Andrew?? Do you even know the consequences of it? Your wolf could die from it and you'll turn into a dead body."

He yelled all of it at me with an edge in his voice. Means that his wolf is on the edge too.

"I know it all alpha. I know it all... but there is no other option. Even Gracia is ready to face the results. Please, Alpha."

He shook his head no.

If that's it then I have no other option left.

"I vow you alpha on your friend's death, on my father's death that you will do it."

"ANDREW...." the roar he emitted shattered the window glasses. His eyes were bloodshot.

I squeaked from the power of it. Gracia sat up in alarm.

"What have you done Andrew?? You shouldn't have done that! What have you done??" he fell to his knees.

"I am sorry Alpha but it's the only way." I stood up and walked over to him. I put both hands on his shoulders trying to stand him up.

He shook his head before grasping my both hands in his.

Staring at me for a few minutes I can easily see the unshed tears in his eyes.

He slowly rose as he caressed my cheeks. "You know Andrew, I've always wished for a son like you. You would have made a Great Alpha."

I smiled and nodded at him.

I already know.

He took some steps back as he placed his right hand to where my heart was. Closing his eyes he chanted something under his breath. Soon I felt the scorching heat at the place where his hand laid. Even Gracia was howling from the pain we felt. Just as the heat reached its limit, a sharp pain pierced through my heart and all the breath left me as I fell to my knees. I was heaving from the lack of oxygen. My whole body was on fire for few seconds and then it all felt normal again.

Alpha sat down next to me as he hugged me.

"It's done, Andrew. It's done." I nodded weakly at that. A smile crept on my lips when I felt Gracia still moving.

"Is your wolf still Alive?" He asked me and I nodded at that "yes."

"Good. You are a strong were."

We both stood up as I smiled gratefully at him. Now I don't feel the pull and pain anymore. But, alas work is still left. I thanked The Alpha as he hugged me again one last time and exchanging some words of comfort before I exited his office.

I was about to exit the packhouse when my eyes fell on Alia. She's still here, didn't she go home last night? She walked through oblivious to my presence.

But I shrugged as I felt no jealousy towards her.

I exited the Packhouse and got in my Car. Giving a long sigh I began my ride to back home or what was home for a few hours.

Yes!! I'm leaving. Even though our bond is broken, if I stayed here our bond will heal itself and I don't want that. I already booked my tickets this morning after coming out of the bathroom. Now the only thing I have to do is to pack and leave for a new life with my last relatives in California.

California here I come.

[A/N]: oof .... it was a tiresome chapter especially with all those emotions and that. But I hope you all liked it. as you can already see that there's something already in the chapter which is not 'usual.' so give it a try, please.

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