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The Disguise of a Rich Man

Episode 1

At a renowned nightclub, the DJ's blasting beats echoed, accompanying the youth as they spent their evening moving and laughing joyfully.

Both men and women swayed, following the rhythm of the deafening yet invigorating DJ music that made their bodies want to keep dancing.

Likewise, a strikingly handsome man couldn't stop himself moving to the pulsating beats. He had the look of a Greek god – a strong jawline, a sharp nose, thick eyebrows, and seductive lips, presenting a perfect sculpture of divine creation that soothed the eyes.

This dream man was Bara Abraham, a wealthy young bachelor, the sole heir to the Abraham family fortune.

It was a habit for this attractive young man to spend his time and money in nightclubs.

Bara was a man known for his generosity; he liked to work hard and also enjoyed spending lavishly, convinced that the family fortune would never run dry even for ten generations to come.

Even for just a single seating, Bara would happily spend over 50 million, not to mention his two friends who were only too happy to squander Bara's wealth, alongside the beautiful women who were a constant in the handsome man's bed.

Bara was also willing to blow 100 million in just a single night...

One could only imagine the wildness of the Abraham scion.

"Keep the energy up! We're riding this happiness till morning," Bara shouted as he gyrated with the night's company women and his two friends.

Panji and Andra were Bara’s close companions, long-time friends whose success partly came from Bara's willingness to invest in their ventures.

Throughout their friendship with Bara, they had never once spent a dime of their own money; Bara covered all nightclub expenses.

"Bro... aren't you tired? Let's take a break now, as soon I will be indulging with one of my chosen ladies," Panji called out, clapping Bara on the shoulder.

Hearing his friend, Bara halted his dancing to avoid losing stamina from too much exertion.

"You're right, let's head back to our seats," Bara urged the six of them.

When they sat down, the woman who would entertain Bara for the night coiled around the handsome man's arm.

Bara smelled exquisite as sweat began to drench his muscular body, a detail not lost on the woman intent on satisfying Bara that evening...

"Darling... do you find the scent of my body so appealing that you cling to me tighter?" Bara smirked with a questioning smile.

"Yes... Master Bara, you smell delightful. I love inhaling your scent," responded the woman named Misca.

Bara responded with a kiss on her cheek; he seemed interested in the woman provided by Madam Ane for that night...

"Is that so... I love your response, darling. Now just call me Bara, drop the formalities," he instructed.

"Alright, Bara, darling," Misca replied with a pleased smile, touching Bara more boldly and intimately, prompting feelings of arousal and heat within him.

Panji and Andra were engaged in similar activities, and it seemed they were soon to head their separate ways to their respective rooms...

Before long, Panji rose to leave with his companion of the night, followed by Andra, leaving Bara on the brink of pleasure.

"Let's go to the room now! Satisfy me with a good, hot service," Bara invited, pulling Misca along, who followed her client's request cheerfully.

Perhaps Misca had hopes beyond being a one-night companion; she aspired to be the lover of Bara Abraham...

Arriving in Bara's private room within the nightclub, Bara unleashed his passion fiercely...

Both Bara and Misca reveled in their encounter; Misca was intoxicated by Bara's amorous performance...


Meanwhile, elsewhere, a man in his sixties clenched his fist in anger...

He was Mr. Abraham, watching a video of his only son's debauchery, a son who refused to change...

"Damn it...! What more do I need to do to get through to that boy, when my daily advice doesn't reach him at all?" Abraham exploded in fury.

"Sir, young Master Bara is the sole heir to your thriving empire. It's not good for the heir to be so extravagant and waste his wealth. I'm sure those around the young master are not truly sincere towards him; they're just exploiting his kindness," advised Anton.

"You're right, Anton. I think if my son were poor, all his friends and the women chasing after him would run away."

"Sir, what if we tried that?"

"What do you mean, Anton?" Abraham inquired curiously as he turned to face his confidant.

"Master, what if we made the young master poor, so he could see who is genuine and who's just using him? I think it's an excellent plan, Master."

"Yes, you're right... I'm also tired of seeing that boy disrespecting money, choosing to spend it at nightclubs rather than giving to those in need. Alright, let's bring that foolish boy home forcefully," Mr. Abraham decided with newfound vigor and a faint smile at the thought of his plan.

Living too comfortably can sometimes make a person forgetful; they forget to be grateful and how to steward their abundant wealth.

After almost half an hour's drive, Mr. Abraham, Anton, and the bodyguards arrived at the nightclub where Bara was engaged in his nocturnal activities.

They headed straight for the room where their wayward son was engaged in his nighttime pursuits...

Suddenly, just as Bara was about to sheath his weapon in Misca's cave, the sound of the door being forcefully broken in from outside startled them.


The abrupt entrance startled Bara into standing and covering his weapon with the strewn bedsheet. Misca hurriedly covered herself with a thick blanket.

"You wretched child! You have truly tested my patience, Bara!" Abraham's yell made Bara cry out in surprise.

"Father...! How did you get here?" Bara asked with a look of panic.

"Of course I know where you are, even if you're in the bathroom, I can find out, Bara. Now listen good, effective immediately, you are disinherited as the heir to my fortune, and you are sentenced to work as an online motorcycle taxi driver. I've frozen all your assets this instant," Abraham declared.

"What...!!! Don't be insane, Dad! How can I, so rich and handsome, become an online motorcycle taxi driver? I refuse, Dad, and you can't disinherit me or freeze my assets just like that."

"Oh... you don't believe what I just said? Well, if you refuse, then I also disown you as my son altogether, Bara."

"No! Please, Dad... Don't do that. I'll comply with everything you say," Bara relented.

"Good, get dressed now and leave this place. I'll wait for you outside," Abraham commanded sternly before stepping out of the room.

Watching his father exit, Bara vented his frustration, cursing the sudden turn of events.

"Damn it...! How can I become an online motorcycle taxi driver and let Dad take all my wealth?" Bara exclaimed, distraught.

Misca, who had overheard the father-son conflict moments ago, rose from the bed and quickly exited the room.

"You're poor now, and I won't be used by you again, Bara," she declared.

Episode 2


A resounding slap delivered by Abraham landed perfectly on the handsome man's cheek.

Bara's sharp gaze immediately pierced into his father's face, a clear signal of his refusal to accept such treatment.

Rubbing his stinging cheek, Bara gritted his teeth and sternly questioned the man he called father.

"Why did you slap me, Dad? Have I ever harmed you?" Bara asked, feeling indignant.

"What did you say...! How dare you claim you've caused me no harm, Bara! Are you aware that for ten years you have squandered the money I gave you, indulged in the company of night women to satisfy your depraved actions, and wasted funds on useless things—do you not see your wrongdoings, Bara?"

"Dad...! Yes, I’ve spent a lot, but I used my own money. I barely touched your funds," Bara replied, crestfallen. It seemed he was wrong to even defend himself against someone like Abraham.

Now, all Bara could do was wait for the punishment his father would impose.

"Foolish boy! Well, now you will learn how to live as a man who must work hard, to be able to eat and afford your daily needs. All your credit cards, gold, and black cards—I'm freezing them, so you can't use them anymore."

"What...!! Dad, why are you being so cruel? Aren't I your only son? Eventually, I am the one to inherit your vast fortune."

"You’re right, Bara, and that's exactly why I've made this decision. You need to suffer poverty to understand how to properly manage money and to see who truly cares for you."

"But Dad...! I can't survive without money and wealth. I can't do it," Bara implored, his face pleading.

"Don't be a loser, Bara. You are my son, Abraham’s son. Now, embrace your new life. As for the company, I'll take care of it."

"Dad, but how long must I pretend to be poor?" Bara asked, panicked.

"Until you identify the sincere ones around you, if I see a positive change in you, then I will gradually unfreeze your assets."

"Alright... I hope I can get through this quickly," Bara responded with a calculating smile, for hidden in his heart he harbored a plan to deceive his father.

How could a wealthy young man, accustomed to a life of luxury, possibly accept the fate of a destitute online motorbike taxi driver? It just wasn't going to happen...

"I'll pretend to follow your wishes, Dad, but secretly I'll reach out to my friends for help. I'm certain they'll support me for a few months, in return for past favors," Bara mused to himself.

After a strenuous conversation, Bara was escorted away by several of Abraham's bodyguards.

With Abraham’s influential power, he could swiftly enact any plan.

Abraham had secured a simple boarding room for his son and a job that Bara would undertake daily.

After nearly five hours of travel, Bara finally arrived at a modest boarding house with five neatly lined rooms, marked exclusively for male tenants.

Bara sneered in disdain upon discovering his father's plans for him.

"Ugh...! Damn that ungrateful old man, how dare he make someone as handsome as me stay in such a dingy place—has he lost his mind?" Bara cursed angrily.

Shortly after, the bodyguards, still inside their car, came out and walked towards Bara with two large backpacks, handing them over.

"Young master! Here are your belongings, inside this backpack is a wallet containing 500 thousand and the papers for the motorcycle that will accompany your endeavors," explained one bodyguard, causing Bara to erupt.

"Are you insane? Only 500 thousand from my father! That's pathetic, not even enough for my cigarettes, let alone daily needs. You must have stolen the rest!" Bara exclaimed, growing more upset.

The bodyguards stood silently, clearly trained not to engage with the young master's complaints.

"Young master, here is a special phone for your online motorbike taxi work. You're registered without the Abraham name, so your identity will remain unknown."

"Scum... Useless! Dad really wants to get rid of me. Why is he so angry, punishing me like this, when I've been earning my own money through hard work at the company?"

"Young master, we must take our leave now. The key to your room is in the door. Please enter, young master, for morning approaches," they said, departing.

Now Bara stood alone, seething with rage.

How could he, a man of such wealth, be relegated to such a squalid and confining abode...

"No! I will not accept this. Tomorrow, I'll go to Panji's company for help. Whatever it takes, I must escape this hellish place," Bara resolved firmly.

As 3 AM neared, Bara decided to enter his boarding room, only to be shocked by the sight of a small bed, accompanied by a diminutive plastic wardrobe and a short refrigerator.

Overcome with frustration, Bara tore at his hair like a madman.

"Arrghhh...! I refuse to live in poverty, I won't...! Dad, how could you be so cruel? I swear, I'll escape your sentence," Bara screamed, slumping to the floor.

Episode 3

The following morning, Bara was poised and ready to depart for a visit to the company owned by his friend Panji.

Bara intended to ask his friend for financial assistance to support his living expenses for the coming months, as well as for Andre to continue covering Bara's costs until the end of his sentence...

Bara was utterly stressed, facing the turn of fate that had flipped his world upside down. In the past, even for combing his hair, Bara would use a pomed costing 650 thousand rupiah – a "Patricks S2 shine finish medium hold pomade."

Now, all these luxury items were no longer in his sight, causing Bara significant stress because he had to rely on low-cost products to maintain his handsome appearance.

After finishing his hair with a standard style, using the urang aring hair oil provided by his father, Bara reached into one of his backpacks to retrieve the wallet inside...

A few seconds later, Bara opened the faux leather wallet and was shocked by the contents.

Bara clicked his tongue in annoyance, because his father had gone to such lengths to consider Bara's appearance as an online motorbike taxi driver. He had even supplied Bara with items that were normally sold at street vendors...

"Tch... tch... ridiculous father. He even got me this imitation wallet and the cheap urang aring hair oil – does he not realize my hair is one of the assets that enhances my already handsome features? It seems he rather enjoys seeing me struggle for real," Bara mumbled, feeling vexed, before beginning to count the money in the wallet with resentment...

Perfectly planned, for the wallet contained precisely 500 thousand rupiah. Bara wondered how he would manage to stretch this amount...

Meanwhile, food expenditure alone exceeded one hundred thousand rupiah daily.

Grumbling... grumbling... grumbling...

Overwhelmed by his thoughts, suddenly Bara's stomach growled loudly, demanding food. He was famished and increasingly irritated because his damn stomach couldn't comprehend the situation he was currently enduring.

Bara, accustomed to a life of wealth, ordinarily required a nutritious and expensive breakfast – like nutrient-rich toast acquired from Paris, oatmeal sourced from Switzerland, or a delicious fruit salad prepared by a chef in his father's mansion.

But now, the idea of an indulgent and healthy breakfast was a distant memory. Even buying a simple wrapped rice meal required Bara to be creative several times over to save what little money he had in his wallet.

Thinking about this made Bara yet more frustrated. He couldn't handle any of this.

"No...! I just can't, Father! How can my life change so suddenly? No matter what, I must escape this poverty. Look, Father! My friends will surely support my living expenses without you," Bara declared with sheer anger before exiting the sweltering room – devoid of air conditioning.

There was just a tiny Doraemon-shaped blue fan, offering relief solely to Bara's face, and once outside, his gaze fell on the gleaming, new-looking Scoopy motorbike parked in front of his rented room.

"Ugh...! At least father finally gave me something new; I won't look so embarrassing riding this," Bara remarked, testing the bike by sitting on it.

Unsure how long it had been since he last rode a bike, Bara hoped he still had the skill and wouldn't fall off.

Unbeknownst to him, a pair of eyes had been observing Bara all this while, the bystander watching in curiosity at Bara's antics on the bike.

"Are you learning how to ride a motorcycle?" the stranger asked, causing Bara to startle...

"You! Who are you? Have you been standing there all this time watching me?" Bara inquired, trying to cover his embarrassment at being caught behaving foolishly atop the bike.

"What do you think? If you want to try it out, why not just ride it? You're an online motorbike taxi driver, aren't you? I'm sure with your new bike, you'll attract plenty of customers," the man suggested.

"Ugh...! You think you know so much... How can you say I'm an online taxi driver? You sound like a fortune teller guessing at people's jobs," Bara retorted, annoyed with his neighbor.

"Ha-ha-ha... don't get mad like that. I heard it from the owner of this lodging when several people were moving your stuff into your room. Don't be ashamed, friend, of having an online taxi job, the most important thing is that it's honest work," the man said, offering a friendly smile.

"Don't preach to me, will you! You don't know who I am, so don't act so familiar with me!"

"Sorry if I offended you; by the way, my name is Bimo, I work as an Office Boy at a reputable company. If you're interested, I can help you apply for a job as an OB there as well," Bimo suggested with a smile.

But Bara scoffed in disgust. This was a first for him – conversing with a poor man like Bimo, and absolutely, Bara had no intention of befriending someone like him.

"No! I don't want to be friends with someone poor like you. Get away from me right now. I don't like making friends with new people," Bara said while starting his bike, then leaving Bimo staring in bewilderment at his neighbor.

"What's his deal? Acts like he's wealthy when he's just as poor as me," Bimo mused with a mocking smile...

On the road, Bara's frustration was growing. He was eager to reach Panji's company as soon as possible to escape the poverty he had been enduring for just a few hours.

"Panji! I'm sure you'll help me out because you consider me like a brother. Throughout our friendship, I've never asked for any help from you or Andra. I was always the one helping the two of you, so now I'm confident that you will return my past kindnesses," Bara mused to himself, trying to ride the motorbike correctly.

Bara was clearly still not smooth at navigating the bike in traffic, so he opted for a very low speed.

"Darn it! If I drive like a snail like this, when will I ever get there? What a lousy father. Just watch! I'll con you, Father," Bara shouted internally...

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