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Episode 1

" I have been in love with you for a long time. I know that I am still young, but I feel that you are the right one." Nina said sweetly, as she timidly looked at him. She had gathered all the courage in the world to confess her feelings to the handsome Maximiliano Cannat.

Nina had been in love with him since she was thirteen, although he was much older than her. To Nina, he was the kindest, most tender, and handsome guy in the universe. However, she would learn a valuable life lesson.

At Maximiliano's older brother's highly anticipated wedding, all the families gathered to celebrate. Nina mustered up all the courage she had to declare her love, as Maximiliano was returning from abroad after completing his master's degree. The twenty-five-year-old was about to take over his parents' company and dedicated all his energy to it.

" Nina, you still don't know what love is. You're just a girl, you should play with your dolls. You're only sixteen, a little girl. I don't like little girls, and stop telling everyone you love me, you embarrass me. I'll pretend you didn't say anything to spare you the embarrassment. Now, go play somewhere else " Maximiliano looked at her mockingly, making Nina feel terribly embarrassed and hurt.

Max turned around and continued on his way as if nothing happened, while the girl's heart was shattered. She only hoped that he would consider her feelings, never expecting him to accept them, but she couldn't have imagined he would mock her emotions in such a way.

Nina swallowed her tears; everyone there knew that Nina was in love with Max and that she only spoke of him when they told her to go out with boys her age.

She swallowed her humiliation and went to the party, trying to appear less pathetic. Many laughed because they were expecting that situation. Maximiliano was a player and had the girlfriends he pleased. Nina was just a lovestruck girl.

" Nina, don't be sad, it's his loss. I think you're too beautiful for him " Camila, her best friend, said, gesturing with her hands to minimize Max's existence. Nina could only sigh.

" I know, but it still hurts " Nina said gloomily. She really hoped for a better response and not to be seen as a ridiculous teenager.

Nina's mother, Brenda, urgently called her.

" Nina, your father is a bit drunk, and we should leave. Call your sister Celia, and let's go right away " she said a bit rushed, wanting to find her husband who was causing a scene somewhere.

Nina nodded and went to find Celia, her 21-year-old older sister, who was outgoing and the most desired girl at the university.

Nina wandered through the enormous mansion, but when she entered one of the balconies, she received a huge shock. Maximiliano was having sex with Celia on the floor. Celia was on all fours while Maximiliano ferociously thrust into her. Nina felt her heart shatter into a thousand pieces. In that moment, she matured twenty years and realized that no one is what they seem and no one is truly genuine in their feelings. Overwhelmed by the moans coming from her sister, Nina began to step back, but Maximiliano saw her. His gaze was mocking as he continued to have sex with her sister, then he averted his eyes from Nina to change Celia's position as they continued their act.

Nina left there, overwhelmed with shame and pain. She never imagined that something like that would happen. Celia knew that she was in love with Max. She couldn't believe how hypocritical her sister was, telling her to confess her feelings and that she would be a good fit for Max, when all those were just empty words as she didn't hesitate for a second to open her legs to him, regardless of what Nina felt for him.

Nina hurried to tell her mother that Celia would be leaving with some friends. She wouldn't explain what she had witnessed, as she no longer cared about those two.


The next day, Nina woke up with a terrible headache. She had cried almost all night. Her infatuation was a joke to everyone, so she decided to hide her emotions. No one would ever know what she would feel from now on.

Nina sought refuge in her room almost all day, but at dinnertime, her mother entered her room a little worried not to see her cheerful daughter running around.

"Nina, sweetheart, I haven't seen you all day. The Cannats will arrive in an hour, Max is coming too. You should get ready," Brenda said excitedly, knowing that her beautiful daughter was infatuated with that young man, even though they were not yet officially dating, it could be a possibility in the future.

"I'm not hungry, you all go ahead and have dinner. Tell them I'm sick," Nina said nonchalantly, not wanting to endure the embarrassment, especially seeing Max and Celia.

"Daughter, just freshen up and come down for dinner. Don't be rude," Brenda left no room for consideration.

Nina nodded, and her mother happily left, but the girl felt sick to her stomach with indignation.

Episode 2

Everyone had arrived for dinner, Alexander, Max's older brother, was teasing his younger brother with his newlywed wife.

"Little Nina will surely be all dolled up for you, I'm sure she'll be attentive to you as always," Alex smiled, provoking his brother.

"That's for sure, she'll be buzzing around me like a fly," Max replied mockingly, though he didn't dislike Nina, he just didn't appreciate her publicly declaring her love for him.

When everyone was already gathered, Nina was missing, leaving everyone puzzled. She was usually cheerful and always attentive to the guests.

Brenda was about to go upstairs to bring her stubborn teenager down when she saw Nina coming down in denim shorts like any other day, a long sweatshirt, and canvas sneakers, her delicate hair tied up casually.

Everyone looked at her, a little confused. Nina was a girl who always dressed very feminine and elegant despite her age, but she really looked like a 16-year-old girl now.

Brenda stared at her, taken aback. Nina had a fresh face, not a trace of the light make-up she used to enhance her beautiful features. She actually looked more beautiful without makeup.

Everyone decided not to say anything about it, but Nina didn't greet anyone, especially not Max, completely ignoring his presence.

"Shall we start dinner?" she said to her mother, who just looked at her astonished. Brenda wouldn't create a scene to reprimand her daughter in front of guests, so she simply urged everyone to the table.

Maximiliano just stared at her, feeling a bit disoriented. That girl used to be like a tick clinging to him, but now she seemed so distant that he didn't recognize her.

While everyone was having dinner, Celia was talking to her mother about her studies.

"Mother, I've decided to change my major. I don't like my current career; I want a different profession," Celia said, giggling while Brenda grew furious.

"Celia, this is the third time you're changing your major. At this rate, you'll never finish university," Brenda was overwhelmed by her daughter's lack of commitment.

Everyone laughed at how fickle Celia was, but someone's attention was caught by the silent and distant Nina, who hadn't uttered a word or even looked at anyone.

"Nina, I know you're graduating high school this year. You're very young, what are you planning to study?" Alexander asked, looking at her expectantly, knowing she would stay in the city to be near her brother.

"I've decided to take the scholarship I was offered and study at Notram Country. Their university is one of the best," Nina replied without looking at anyone, while cutting her steak. She didn't care about their reactions; she had made up her mind.

Brenda's eyes widened. She never thought Nina would choose the scholarship. She knew Nina wouldn't leave the city as long as she could be near Max.

"Nina, darling, you didn't tell me that. I thought you would study in the city," Brenda's smile was tense. She didn't understand anything.

"No, I'm leaving. I already spoke with my grandmother, she said it's okay. Plus, you said you would respect my decision if it's for my own good," Nina said, raising her gaze to her mother, the only one she looked at.

Everyone fell silent. Nina was still too young to be alone and so far away.

"It's good for my little sister to explore the world on her own. That way, she can have more exciting experiences, right, Nina?" Celia said with a smile, delighted for her sister.

"Sure, exciting experiences like having sex on a wedding balcony," Nina said, continuing to cut her steak, leaving Celia paralyzed. Celia looked at her in shock, she never expected Nina to know, she never thought she would find out.

"Nina, watch your language, young lady," Thomas, their father, warned, as Nina nodded.

"I'm leaving, my stomach hurts. Excuse me," Nina left without saying anything else, leaving everyone puzzled, while Max stared at her intently. That wasn't the little Nina, the sweet girl who always had a smile on her face. Celia immediately stood up.

"Excuse me, I'm going to check if she's okay," she said, running to meet her sister.

In the room, Nina put on her pajamas, and Celia entered her room without knocking.

"Nina, did you see us? Nina, I'm sorry, I was drunk, it wasn't important, just sex, you know, grown-up stuff. I regret it, I didn't mean to hurt you," Celia approached her little sister, wanting to hug her.

"No need to apologize, I understand. Grown-up things disgust me, especially when my sister fucks my younger sister's crush. No problem, but I'll stick to childish things. Now leave, I'm sleepy," Nina entered the bathroom, leaving Celia with her arms extended for a hug.

Celia left her room with a guilty conscience, knowing she has hurt Nina all because of a fling that shouldn't have happened. She should have hooked up with anyone but Maximiliano.

Episode 3

In the following months, Nina was like a shadow, nobody saw her come or go. The Cannat family had visited the Ugartes during this time and Max hadn't seen his biggest admirer anymore. Nina had become just a memory to someone. Maximiliano felt conflicted; he never thought that the girl would be so hurt to see him with her sister or that she would reject him. It seemed like complete immaturity on his part, but something within him told him that he had crossed the line.

A month after Max took control of his company, Nina was heading to the airport with her parents and sister. Celia had done everything to mend her relationship with Nina, but had achieved nothing.

"Darling, take care. Your mentor will attend to your needs. You should be cautious and visit us again during vacations, okay?" Brenda said tearfully. Nina was her little genius, and now she was leaving just like that.

"Mom, I'll be fine. You don't need to worry so much. I'll call you as soon as I arrive," she said with a smile. She kissed and hugged her mother, father, and left without looking at Celia, who was left heartbroken. She was so sad to see Nina leave without even glancing at her. Her little sister was definitely angry with her.

A year later, Max and his family visited the Ugarte residence. Everyone was talking and laughing until Brenda received a call from Nina, causing everyone to fall silent, especially Max. Sometimes when he was with Celia in some bar, he would ask about Nina, and she would only say that she didn't know anything. Nina didn't talk to her at all; she had cut off all communication with her sister because of that incident. Max felt somewhat guilty for the animosity between the sisters.

"Nina, darling, when are you coming? We're waiting for you for the end-of-year celebrations," Brenda said happily, but her smile vanished as she listened to what her daughter was saying.

After speaking a little longer, Brenda hung up the phone with a sigh of resignation. Celia asked anxiously. She wants to talk to Nina; she wants to restore their beautiful relationship that they once had.

"Mom, when is she coming?" Celia asked, almost desperate.

"Daughter, your sister is not coming. She says she has a project, and she's the group leader, so she's staying to finish everything for the next semester." Brenda sighed anxiously. Something was wrong with her sweet Nina, and she hadn't noticed. This past year, her beloved Nina had distanced herself from the family clearly and decisively.

Max looked at Celia. They had agreed to apologize to her for being so cruel. Nina was a 16-year-old girl whose dreams were shattered in front of her, but it seemed like that would never happen. And it remained that way for years, each passing year filled with workshops, projects, exams, or something that prevented her from returning home.

After four years, when nobody expected it, Nina arrived home as a surprise. Brenda nearly died of happiness; she screamed like a madwoman upon seeing her daughter, who was now 20 years old. Nina had matured, her features and curves had developed, and she looked more beautiful than ever. Four years ago, she was petite and had nothing noticeable, but she always had a beautiful angelic face. Now, she looked gorgeous, like a vision.

"My beloved Nina, my beautiful girl, you're so stunning. The photos you sent don't do you justice. You're truly beautiful," Brenda couldn't stop hugging and kissing her while Nina laughed with joy.

"Mom, I missed your kisses and hugs too," Nina took refuge in Brenda's chest as she continued to shower her with affectionate kisses on her forehead.

Her father came out due to the commotion, since his wife wasn't one to make a scene, but upon seeing Nina, he understood the reason.

"My little cherub has returned. Look at how beautiful you are, my dear. You're the spitting image of your grandmother. My mother was a beauty in her time. She had more suitors than subway passengers," Thomas said, laughing as he embraced his beautiful daughter whom he hadn't seen in four years.

When everyone was filled with happiness and the servants applauded the arrival of sweet Nina, Celia arrived from her classes. She had left everything behind and was studying to become a chef.

Nina, you're back! It's so wonderful to see you, you look beautiful, Celia approached cautiously to embrace her, fearing that Nina would pull away. But Nina didn't reject her hug, much to Celia's relief.

"Yes, I have to take some documents. I'm graduating with honors next year and they asked me for several documents. I'm leaving in two days. I have to take my master's exam, which I finished simultaneously with my studies, to save time. The university told me they could grant my master's degree as soon as I finish my bachelor's degree. I'm happy," Nina said, looking at her mother whose heart was shrinking at the thought of her leaving so quickly. She wanted to have at least a month with her.

After speaking a little more, Nina decided to go to her bedroom to change and organize the few things she had brought.

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