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The Blind Girl and the Cold Mafioso

Episode 1

Ingrid Bennet is 23 years old, and due to an accident she ended up being blind.

Her fiancé Henrique Vasco, cancelled the wedding with her and became engaged to her younger sister. Devastated Ingrid tried to take her own life, but her father arrived home in time and helps her.

On the way to the hospital, Philip tried to understand what happened and talked to Henrique and Helena.

Philip: You need to tell me what happened there!

Helena immediately retorts with her ironic smile about what happened.

Helena: Besides the fact that she's crazy?

Philip: Henrique?

Henrique: Sir, she didn't take well the fact that I'm going to marry Helena.

Immediately, Philip turns to his son-in-law, his serious face showing that he didn't like what he heard.

Philip: Do you think my daughters are samples in a showcase? That you arrive, choose one, and then when you're tired, you just exchange? Helena is too young to get married.

Helena: Dad, Henrique and I are in love. You can't stop us.

Philip: Shut up, Helena. In love? Seriously, this idiot is just taking advantage of us, and I won't allow it.

Henrique: Not even if I offer you something profitable in return?

Henrique looks at Helena, who understands exactly what he means, and smiles.

While Ingrid is in the hospital recovering, her father arranges an arranged marriage for her with Sebastian Jones, a man whose face no one has ever seen, feared by many. Everyone thinks he hides because he has a deformity or because he is very old, and his reputation for being cruel, along with the suicide of his supposed fiance, keeps any possibility of finding a wife for what he needs away. But taking advantage of the fact that Ingrid is blind, her father sees no problem in offering her. And since she wanted to take her own life, it wouldn't make a difference if she did it after getting married, as the marriage would provide benefits that he couldn't afford to lose, and at the same time, he wouldn't have to deal with the problems that came with Ingrid's presence.

When he goes to his daughter's room and informs her of what he has decided, Ingrid can't believe it.

Ingrid: How could you do this to me, Dad?

Philip: Didn't you want to die, Ingrid? At least this way, you will bring benefits to your family.

Ingrid: Is that what I am to you? A benefit?

Philip: A male child serves as an heir, female children for advantageous marriages. Is it difficult to understand?

Already without strength to debate, Ingrid turns her back to him and just cries. She can't believe that her own father is selling her for a profitable marriage just for him.

Philip: Your wedding will be in three days. Don't try anything funny.

Far away

Secretary: Sir, we received confirmation. The Bennet family accepted the proposal.

Sebastian: I don't remember sending a marriage proposal to that family.

Secretary: And you didn't, sir, but they contacted us and said they accept the marriage with their eldest daughter.

Sebastian: That woman surely wants money and fame. She will serve our purpose well. It was reported that the wedding will be in three days. Did they complain?

Secretary: No complaints, sir. They even accepted the fact that there won't be a party.

Sebastian: Great, they are the typical opportunists. They didn't care that I'm a complete stranger, nor about the rumors going around about me. They only saw the dollar signs offered by the marriage. I want to see if they'll be as excited when this marriage comes to an end.

On the day of the wedding

Ingrid is taken to her new home and there, she starts to be dressed, made up, prepared for her wedding. She had no right to choose, but she was already accepting her fate. If her own family didn't see her as a human being, only as a bargaining chip, what did she have to lose?

Helena: You look beautiful, sister. It's a shame you're marrying an old madman who killed his first fiancee. But I guess you don't care, after all, you tried to take your own life.

Helena holds Ingrid's wrists tightly, making her scream in pain from her recent stitches.

Ingrid: Helena, you're hurting me. Isn't it enough that you took Henrique away from me?

Helena: Took him away from you? Oh sister, do you really think he was yours? Let me tell you something, Henrique and I were dating before you became a useless blind person who is good for nothing.

The sound of Ingrid slapping Helena echoes throughout the room.

Helena: Ahhh!

Ingrid: You should be grateful. I'm blind because I protected you, and our mother ended up dying. And you thank me by sleeping with my fiancé?

Helena: You cow! You hit me. If you want to know more, it was my idea and Henrique's to marry you off to that old man. We talked about this marriage proposal to our father because we just wanted to get rid of a poor wretch like you. So, after I marry Henrique, we'll take over the company, and you'll always be a poor wretch married to an old man whom all families rejected.

Ingrid: Feel free. You two deserve each other. I'll surely be better off married to a stranger than being here in this house with you.

Helena: Surely. Who knows, maybe he'll kill you before the wedding night? Haha.

She leaves, and I wipe away my tears that fall right after hearing the door slam shut. The maid comes to help me into the car because my father didn't even have the decency to do it himself. I am placed in the car, and they tell me that my father will be waiting for me at the church to walk me down the aisle since he went ahead to meet my future husband.

I know, he just went to ensure the payment that was offered. As the car stops in front of the church, I wait there for almost twenty minutes, and no one comes.

The secretary is at the door waiting for Ingrid to come out. They weren't informed that she was blind, and the secretary thinks she is so stuck-up that she's waiting for someone to open the door for her, like those spoiled rich ladies.

Secretary: Wow, do I have to deal with a woman who won't even get out of the car if someone doesn't open the door for her? I felt sorry for her, but seeing how snobby she is, I don't care anymore.

The secretary walks to the door and opens it without saying anything, and Ingrid remains quiet for a while too. He already finds it annoying that she hasn't gotten out of the car.

Secretary: Ma'am? Are you waiting for me to roll out the red carpet?

Ingrid: What? Oh, I'm sorry. My father said he would come to greet me, but I guess he forgot about that too.

Secretary: Ugh, are you going to come out or not?

Ingrid: Could you please help me?

Secretary: Why? Can't you get out on your own? Are you blind? Can't you see that I've already opened the door for you?

Ingrid: Yes, I am blind. Could you help me now?

The secretary then looks at Ingrid's face covered with a thin veil and feels ashamed of how he treated her.

Secretary: I'm sorry. We weren't informed that you were blind.

Ingrid: Of course not. My father wouldn't reveal the flaw of a product before receiving payment.

Secretary: Your father received the payment and said he needed to leave because he had important matters to attend to. I need to inform my boss about this. Can you wait here?

Ingrid: Of course! I have nothing better to do.

Episode 2

The man I spoke to earlier takes a while to return.

Ingrid: Mr. Driver? Are you still here?

Driver: Yes, ma'am!

Ingrid: Could you please guide me to the entrance of the church?

Driver: Of course, miss!

I place my hand on his arm and he leads me to where I asked, I thank him and hear his footsteps receding, I take a few steps and hear voices, a deep voice with an obvious tone of irritation.

Sebastian: Blind? This will ruin all my plans, that bastard fooled me, I'll kill him for this!

Ingrid: There's no need to kill him.

Sebastian turns towards the voice, a beautiful woman standing at the door against the light, making it difficult to see her face.

Sebastian: Who do you think you are, getting involved in something that doesn't concern you?

Secretary: Sir, this is your fiancée, Miss Ingrid Bennet.

Ingrid takes a few careful steps inside the church and Sebastian finally sees her face. Ingrid is a very beautiful woman, but he is not interested in beauty. He needs someone to take the blame for the facade companies created for money laundering.

Sebastian: Did you hear everything we said?

Ingrid: Yes, because I'm blind, not deaf!

Sebastian approaches and holds Ingrid's neck so tightly that she almost loses her footing.

Sebastian: Aren't you funny? Get rid of her, this invalid won't be of any use to me.

When he releases me, spitting out those words, I start coughing and rubbing my neck.

Ingrid: Invalid? Seriously? That's the worst insult you could come up with? You should take a crash course with my family, they know how to insult me perfectly. Look, you've already paid him and won't see that money again, wouldn't it be detrimental to get rid of me? Taking into consideration that your first fiancée "committed suicide." If I disappear, suspicions will arise.

Sebastian: And what do you suggest?

Ingrid: Simple, marry me!

Sebastian: Haha, you're kidding!

Ingrid: What's the problem? To you, I'm just a substitute for your plans.

Sebastian: And what do you intend to gain from this? Because I know you want something, they always do!

Ingrid: Yes, I do!

Sebastian: Tell me!

Ingrid: I want revenge, on my father, my sister, and my ex-fiancé.

Sebastian: I can kill them, that wouldn't be a problem.

Ingrid: No! I don't want you to hurt them, just take away everything they value most, money, fame, and status. Do that, and I don't mind being used for your dark plans.

Sebastian: Do you know the consequences you'll face in the end?

Ingrid: I have nothing left to lose.

Sebastian: Great! Then I believe we're going to have a wedding.

Ingrid: Great!

She extends her hand to me and it takes me a few seconds to hold it. When I touch her, she wraps her arm around mine and walks by my side. We go to the priest and he performs a quick ceremony. We sign the papers and leave the church married.

My secretary and right-hand man helps her into the car, and as soon as we're inside, I ask him to take us home. When we arrive, she is once again assisted by Jonatas.

Ingrid: Thank you very much for your help.

Jonatan: The bedrooms are on the second floor. It's better if I take you there.

Sebastian: She can stay in the downstairs room.

Jonatan: But sir, the only room downstairs is...

Sebastian: I know, but she won't be available here all day. It'll be easier for her not to break her neck falling down the stairs. I'm only thinking of your well-being, dear wife.

Ingrid: Haha, you're not worried about me, you're just trying to hide me. But I don't mind, just show me the way, please.

Sebastian: Luiza?

Luiza: Yes, sir?

Sebastian: This is...

Ingrid: Ingrid, my name is Ingrid. It's a pleasure to meet you.

She extends her hand in front of her, and Luiza looks at her strangely but shakes her hand in greeting, and Ingrid smiles.

Sebastian: She will be your roommate for a while. She will need your help to get around.

Luiza: Of course, sir. Please follow me, ma'am. I will accommodate you.

She extends her hand in the direction of Luiza's voice, and only then does Luiza realize why her boss said she would need help moving around. Luiza takes Ingrid to the room and shows her the single bed on the opposite side of the room. Ingrid sits down and begins to take off her high heels, while Luiza watches quietly.

Ingrid: Do you have something to ask me?

Luiza: What? How did you know? I thought you were...

Ingrid: Yes, I am blind, but I can hear your breathing. I know you're still standing there, you must be curious, right?

Luiza: Yes, I'm sorry. I don't understand why Mr. Jones would hire a new employee, especially a blind one. And I don't understand why you're dressed like that.

Ingrid: I am not the employee. Your boss and I got married today!

Luiza: What? You're Mr. Jones' wife? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or offend you.

Ingrid: No problem, I didn't feel offended. You didn't know that your boss was getting married today?

Luiza: No, ma'am. Mr. Jones is hardly ever home, you know. He only comes here to take a shower and change clothes. Sometimes he eats here, but it's very rare.

Ingrid: I understand.

Luiza: But if you're the boss' wife, why are you sharing a room with me?

Ingrid: Because this way I can move around more easily, and besides, I won't be staying here for long.

Luiza becomes even more confused by what she hears. Ingrid has just gotten married and says she won't be staying for long.

Ingrid: My suitcase was in the car. Could you get it for me? I want to take off this dress, it's really uncomfortable.

Luiza: Of course, miss.

She leaves, and Ingrid begins to take off her wedding dress. Sebastian was going to the room to talk to her, as they needed to discuss how this marriage would work. When he arrives at the slightly open door, he looks inside and sees Ingrid only in her lingerie. He stays silent and observes her. After all, Ingrid is very beautiful, and his curiosity is aroused.

*Sebastian's thoughts*

Why did she agree to marry me knowing that I only want to use her? And why does she want to get revenge on her family without hurting them? What really happened to her?

Episode 3

Seeing that he's worrying and asking too many questions, he sighs so quietly that it wouldn't be audible to many people, but Ingrid hears.

Ingrid: Hi ? Luiza ? Did you find my suitcase?

When no one answers, she takes her wedding dress and covers her body.

Ingrid: Who's there ?

Sebastian doesn't answer, he just leaves and Luiza arrives shortly afterwards.

Luiza: Madam, here is your suitcase .

Ingrid: Luiza? How long have you been there?

Luiza: I've just arrived, why ma'am?

Ingrid: Was there anyone in the corridor when you arrived?

Luiza: No ma'am, why the question?

Ingrid: It's nothing, it's probably just me.

I could have sworn I heard someone's breathing, maybe I'm just not used to my surroundings. I pick up my suitcase and put it on the bed, grab a change of clothes and touch it so I can get dressed properly.

After getting dressed, I'm told that Sebastian Jones needs to talk to me in his office. Luiza takes me there and, as always, I count the steps so that I can fit in and not have to bother anyone when I need something

Luiza: Do you always do that, ma'am?

Ingrid: What's counting steps?

Luiza: Yes, ma'am.

Ingrid: Yes, I do it because I need to know where each piece of furniture or wall is, so that in the future I can move around on my own without having to bother anyone else.

Luisa: I understand, but whenever you need me, you can count on me, ma'am, after all, most of the time there'll only be the two of us at home.

Ingrid: That's good, it means we'll be good friends.

Luiza is impressed by Ingrid's simplicity, after all, she is Sebastian Jones' wife! But she acts as if she were a person of no great importance, she's staying in the maid's room without even complaining, any other woman in her position would have demanded her rights, but she doesn't seem to care.

Luiza: Well, we've arrived at the office door.

Ingrid: Thank you Luiza .

I knock on the door and a few seconds later I hear his voice.

Sebastian: Come in !

I open the door slowly and take a step forward, as soon as I feel I've passed the doorframe I turn around and close the door. I stand there, after all I don't know the dimensions of his office and I don't want to bump into something and accidentally break it.

Sebastian: Are you going to stand there? Sit down .

Ingrid: I think I'll need to wear a sign around my neck to remind you at all times that I'm blind.

Sebastian: You're so flippant that I end up forgetting, take four steps forward.

I take four steps forward with my hands in front of my body, but I feel nothing.

Sebastian: Two more steps.

I take the two steps and finally feel the chair, wouldn't it be easier if he told me to take six steps?

Sebastian: For me it's four steps.

He answers as if he had heard my thoughts. I sit down and wait for him to speak. It takes about three minutes and all I hear is the rustling of sheets of paper, a little wind and the sound of the sheets being thrown onto the table.

Sebastian: These are the papers you need to sign.

Ingrid: What is it about ?

Sebastian: You don't need to know, after all, we have an agreement, don't we?

Ingrid: Yes, that's right, could you tell me where to sign?

Sebastian snorts, but Ingrid hears the sound of his chair moving away and then footsteps, a few seconds later she feels the warmth of his body next to hers.

As he bends down, the scent of his perfume invades Ingrid's nose, he touches her hand and places it just above the line. But Sebastian looks at Ingrid's face, her features are delicate, she looks like a little girl, for a second he wants to touch her, but comes back to reality when Ingrid turns towards him and asks;

Ingrid: Is this the only sheet to be signed?

He scratches his throat and says;

Sebastian: No, there are still three more sheets, sign right here.

He shows her all the places where she needs to sign and once it's all signed he sits down again.

Sebastian: All right, we need to talk about something else now.

Ingrid: So how are you going to get back at my family?

Sebastian: No! About the house .

Ingrid: Ah !

Sebastian: I will fulfill my part of the agreement, don't worry, but I need you to understand, our marriage was discreet, I need everyone to believe that you are the bride everyone says committed suicide, understood?

Ingrid: Yes, I am the substitute, but nobody can know, this is to clean up your bad reputation, right?

Sebastian: Yes, because I need to become an important businessman. You will say that you hid because you ended up going blind and had some problems adapting.

Ingrid: You're really going to use my impairment to your advantage?

Sebastian: Of course, I need to benefit from this somehow.

Ingrid: Okay, anything else?

Sebastian: Yes, I'm hardly ever at home, so feel free during your stay here. It was stupid of me to put you in the maid's room, you can choose one of the rooms upstairs.

Ingrid: It was, but I prefer to stay with Luiza, she seems nice.

Sebastian's thoughts

Seriously? I got lectured by Jonatan for putting her in the maid's room, and now I try to be nice and she wants to sleep in the room with the maid? This is a joke!

Sebastian: Do as you please, we will see each other very little, you can leave now.

Ingrid: Okay.

She stands up, takes a step to the left, turns completely and takes exactly six steps to the door, opens it and leaves. It must be really difficult not being able to see anything and having to be careful all the time.

Leaving his room, I start counting the steps. It has been three years living like this, counting my steps and adapting. At the beginning, it was really difficult, I cried every night because I bumped into everything and had bruises, especially when Helena put things in the way just to see me fall. I think everything would be different if my mother was still here, she always understood me and knew the right thing to say. My mother taught me to treat an employee the same way I would like to be treated because respect is essential for coexistence.

She would surely be disappointed with Helena and my father for what they did to me, but I will make them learn their lesson. It's better to see them suffer now and improve, than to wait until it's too late and do things that can't be undone.

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