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Author Name: Yela

No Chance For Redemption - SEASON 1

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Author Name: Yela

"Ravan of Etham"
This was my name in the Empire of Etham. Youngest of all siblings, I was an unpleasant existence in the family. Why?
They say because of my black hair and the inability of being able to use the healing power of the Great Imperial family killed my mother after my birth from insanity.
I tried, I tried and I tried to be loved by my family, I chased after my brothers and father for years., I tried to win their attention in every single possible way. But what a joke turned out I wasn't who I thought I was. I wasn't even their real blood but a fake and when the real one came I did some things which resulted in my death at the hands of my most beloved eldest brother.

- Oh, Child of Etham, You couldn't see your value and chased after nobodies while you were wanted by the Sun.-
An unexpected second chance brought me back to 3 months before my 18 birthday, a chance to love him better, a chance to love myself better and a chance

To Live With No Regret.

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No Chance For Redemption - SEASON 1
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