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Author Name: ♡Choco Muffin♡

Mr. Villain! I Will Quit Being Your Assistant

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Author Name: ♡Choco Muffin♡

Sympathizing with the pitiful side character Anya Forger, Who dies in start of the novel by the hands of main villain, I ended up becoming her and had no choice but to take the risk to survive inside this R19 novel "Our Cursed Fate."

Changing the nerdy appearance of Anya to Lady Diana, I succeeded doing that and aimed for becoming the assistant of Main villain to make peace between us, So when the time comes, He won't kill me.

Main Villain Mikey who got two personalities and both are worse than each other, I somehow managed to become his assistant and after all the hard work I achieved a better relationship with him.

After achieving my goal, I decided to quit my assistant job that's where Main Villain pins me against the wall with dark look in his eyes, "Quit? Anya! You did come to me on your own but leaving my side is not even an option for you as long as you are alive."

Failed to leave his side all I can do is now control him by threatening him with the threat of quitting job.

NovelToon got authorization from ♡Choco Muffin♡ to publish this work, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of NovelToon.

Mr. Villain! I Will Quit Being Your Assistant
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