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Author Name: Sara

Mr. Marshal And Ms. Businessgirl

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Author Name: Sara

Nathaniel Lennox is an exceptionally handsome prodigy who has risen to fame since he was a child. However, a man prophesies that he will not live to the age of thirty unless he marries the Olson Family’s daughter from Blue Peak Town.
Nathaniel, “I’d rather stay single forever than marry a woman whom I have never met.”
Mrs. Lennox, "All of these are just superstitions, we are educated, people. My son will only marry a woman from the same class as us"
The girl got to know these absurd thoughts and scoffed“He must be an old man to be so anxious to marry. And his mother is quite delusional as if I am dying”
After his mother was reborn she was hell-bent down to make her her daughter-in-law. In her previous life, she despised the town girl and her son did not even live past 28.

ML “If you don’t marry me, I’d rather stay single forever.”
Fl, who single-mindedly wants to earn a fortune and fulfill her dream of becoming a billionaire, said, "As you wish. Stay single"

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Mr. Marshal And Ms. Businessgirl
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