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Author Name: Alisha pradhan

I Became A Villainous Fiancée Of A Mafia

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Author Name: Alisha pradhan

She was the right hand of the head of Roger's Gang. She was dangerous yet beautiful and elegant as rose. But they killed her in the fear of getting caught as one of the criminal took her name in front of police. She was betrayed by those gang members she befriended. She regretted for not living her life as a normal girl she should have. Breathing out her last breath in regret she died.
But when she opened her eyes she didn't found herself in hell she used to think she would go for killing people. Where she found herself is in New body with new face and identity. She was reborn in the body of famous crazy and psychopathic villainess. And not that was enough she was engaged with the famous ruthless and most feared Mafia boss who despite her very dearly.

Roselia- Okay....I wanted to break my engagement and live my new life to fullest but....why are all and even my fiance getting obsessed with me?

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I Became A Villainous Fiancée Of A Mafia
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