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Author Name: E.R.CRUZ

Extreme Desire: A Billionare Lesbian Romance

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Author Name: E.R.CRUZ

Known as "Armstrong" to her coterie of bodyguards and loyal henchmen, she became obsessively entranced with D'Angelo, the young woman who ended up in her possession due to an unpaid debt.

The elegant casino owner and ruthless CEO found herself uncharacteristically enamored despite their relentless bickering, relentless pursuit, and challenging heart-to-heart sessions. Armstrong, once perceived as cruel, arrogant, self-centered and evil woman, she learned to love and changed completely with the strength of that love.

On the other hand, D'Angelo floundered under the heavy realization that she was merely traded off for a debt, abandoned by those she trusted impassively. She was delivered into the hands of Armstrong, a powerful millionaire whose public persona cloaked a canvas of secrets.

However, open dialogue and understanding began to soften the harsh reality of their arrangement. As time flow on like a relentless river, what began as a stark contract began to blossom into a bond of undeniable love.

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Extreme Desire: A Billionare Lesbian Romance
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