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Author Name: Jayro

Awaken: Dying Light

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Author Name: Jayro

Wracked with grief and consumed by regret, Jayden makes a desperate wish: to turn back time and erase his suffering. However, the consequences are far more profound than he could have imagined. His wish catapults him into a world on the brink of destruction, reborn as a helpless baby.

Meanwhile, Ender, a warrior burdened by the weight of a thousand fallen worlds, faces a choice that will determine the fate of his civilization. Consumed by vengeance against the relentless Darkain forces, he possesses the power to annihilate them all. But a flicker of doubt arises – is vengeance the only path?

As Ender grapples with his conscience, a blinding light engulfs him, changing everything. The connection between his actions and Jayden's rebirth remains shrouded in mystery, a whisper from beyond.

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Awaken: Dying Light
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