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Author Name: KGDan

Arrogant Master Submits to His Little Wife

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Author Name: KGDan

⚠️ Especially for ages +21.

A life full of suffering since childhood was the daily bread of Leticia, a cute twenty-three year old girl.

Because of her adoptive parents' debt, Letisia was forced to marry off to an arrogant CEO, who was reportedly a big-time playboy.

Damian Johnson, the CEO who is known for being arrogant, really hates marriages he doesn't want.

And, he was forced to marry Leticia because of his mother's insistence on getting married quickly.

Because Damian's age is said to be no longer young, thirty-six years old.

Damian, who doesn't want to be tied down by marriage, plans to make Leticia a maid in his house.

And made a contractual marriage agreement with Leticia.

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Arrogant Master Submits to His Little Wife
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