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Author Name: **blossomtale**


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Author Name: **blossomtale**

"Just pull the trigger you coward,"

At that moment the person who just put a gun on my forehead collapses suddenly, I didn't understand what was going on.

then I saw that black masked man coming towards me, i couldn't see his expression due to his Mask, that Mask covered his whole face but I saw him clenching his Frist, he is probably annoyed, but he just grabbed my waist, and yelled at me

"Are you out of your mind!"

"Yes I am!"

I yelled back, my whole body was trembling, i could not stop my tears, I let out a small sob on his arms, he warped his arms around me i could feel his comfort and warmth.

Why did he even save me, I do not deserve to be saved, i could feel his eyes on me, he reached his hand and wiped my tears from my cheeks with his fingers.

I look at his beautiful gray eyes which were cold before, now it contains warmth. the way he warped his arms around me somehow I feel closer to him.

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